9704 Newsletter by Multiple Artists
9704 Newsletter by Multiple Artists
Awe Newsletter - Issue 07
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----------------------- -Y,P : April 1997
Hi and welcome to yet another release of AWE Letteri
ng. Here is our 7th
pack so far and we keep growing getting better everyday. T
his month, the pack
has been delayed a bit, since I had to go out with my gi
rlfriend to buy a dress.Yes, I know, I su
ck. Shoot me. This month packs definatly our best pa
ck so far.Even better than last months. Werd to
Discyple, since he drew a bunch of logos,and to
Avenger of Black Maiden, whos guest
appearing with us.
:new members:
b,. , . .
. ,P,b, s,dSs,. , ,d,ss,. .,gS
9 . SP,d,
*.P . *
Every month since we started AWE Lettering, we g
ained a few members.
But this month, we gained four members, which tw
o of them are very special.
Absent Spinsister: Coming
from I have no idea
where, he joined us
today. That guy definatly has
great ascii skills, as well as gr
eat coloring skills.
Kid Krylon : What should I say
about Kid Krylon. I think you all
already know him. Hes been in i
ce a long time ago and just
came back in the scene.
He hasnt drawn anythin
g yet, since his
F1-2-3 keys are
fucked or something.
The Natural : Coming from
Noname, since it
died, The Natural is pretty
good at asciis. He draw in a similar w
ay as as Mass Murderer, so y
ou know its good. :
Unsane : Another guy
you certainly know, probably m
ore than Kid Krylon, since
the squared fonts
kinda became pop
ular because of him and Lord Jazz also.
Absent Spinsister and The Natural are s
pecial too, like every other AWE
Lettering member, but theyre definatly not as o
ldschool uhmm.. as Kid Krylon
and Unsane. Dont be sad, guys. :
b,. , . .
. ,P,b, s,dSs,. , ,d,ss,. .,gS
9 . SP,d,
*.P . *
We havent lost many members yet, but
this month, we lost a precious
member. Not because he was the best lo
go artist around, but mainly because he
was a great friend and has been around sinc
e the first pack. So Hos, wherever
youll be going, if youre not quitting the scene,
I hope youll have as much
fun as we had with you, in AWE.
b,. , . .
. ,P,b, s,dSs,. , ,d,ss,. .,gS
9 . SP,d,
*.P . *
To keep the tradition alive, we have
an april fool in the pack.
its a font by my girlfriend.
She did got some help from me, cauz she doesnt
know anything about computers and stuff.
This is the second pack we release, since I tol
d everybody about Mass
Murderers Morphine ascii colly. Welp,
hes finally releasing it with us this
month. I think its pretty cool, but massm doesnt
seem to agree. So catch him
on irc and tell him you liked Morphine. :
In an offset topic, March 21st was the inter
national day against racism
so why dont you all drop a mail to kkk@iglou.com
and tell them theyre a bunch
of fuckers. Thanks. :
Okay, I didnt really feel like fillin
g the whole newsletter with my
stuff, so here are a few words from Mass Murderer..
Hey guys, welcome to AWEs latest font exhibitio
n.. As you have seen
from the last few months, AWE has maintained a
stable font group, which has
taken the art scene by storm.. Just last month, I have decid
ed to do some dual
grouping between Ice and Awe because I felt
that Awe possessed a logo quality
that could never be matched.. This month is a prime example
of what I am talkin
about. When you see the arts from such artists as The
Night Angel, Discyple,
Fluor, etc., it will blow you away.
I also want to run by one thing.. I have noticed that m
any pic artists
have gone ANTI-FONT and shit like that. Well, it
seems to me that the people
who have taken this path are the artists who simply can not
draw a decent font
to stick on their pic.. Well, just letting all you know, don
t get discouraged
take out your Bad-Logo anger on us logoists,
just simply ask me for help, and I
will be delighted to help out. See? I am nice.. I am not th
e enemy : Errr..
OK, one more thing.. Do not listen to The Night A
ngel.. He is evil.
My latest ascii colly, Morphine truly sucks
. No joke. I really do apologize
for my lack of effort that was put into that colly. I will
work my ass off to
get some decent looking ascii logos in the upcoming AWE
releases.. For all you
that know who I am, and enjoy my work, you can also catch my
Logostacks in the
latest Ice packs.. Well.. Thats about it, enjoy the
pack and remember, ansi
ascii are hobbys .. nothing more .. and treat them according
ly .. Jesus, there
must be a billion spelling/grammer errors in this ..
Mass MurdererIce/Awe
massmurd@pb.net / massm@ice.org
b,. , . .
. ,P,b, s,dSs,. , ,d,ss,.
9 . SP,d,
*.P . *
Aphex Twin : Finish that ansi, lazy ass. :
Avenger : Thanks for the guest appearance,
I love the logo!
Colourless : Happy Birthday man!@@ :
Deeply Disturbed: Thank God youre back! :
Filth : For whatever you want bro. Thanks
for just being who you are.Lord Jazz : H
ow about you start drawing again so you can draw some
better stuff than that AI logo? :
Samurai : Tell her how much youre frustrat
ed. :
Warpus : Im the artist, eh? So there, tha
ts my way of telling you
how much I love you!
Also, big greet to Blade, Blend, CIA
, Dark, Fire, Fuel yes tk! and
, ,P
,b . ,P ,ss. Written
by The Night Angel, ,b
d ,P ,, ,P Mass Murderer
,b d, ,P l l ,P
Designed by Discyple.
, b d b,,,l ,P
,b,d lP.ssssb,,. ,P ,
--- ,P ---- ,P --------- , -,P --------------