Newsletter #18 by Multiple Artists
Newsletter #18 by Multiple Artists
AWE Lettering
Newsletter 18
Art - what does the term, when mentioned, bring to mind? One individualmight envision a simple pencilled drawing another might mentally conceive an
intricate colourscape. Regardless, the interluding fact is that art can be generalized as an expression of creativity in any form.
Therefore, no form of art should be degraded or paled in comparison withanother. This is why I find myself angered slightly at the proclamation that
ansi fonts cannot measure up to ansi pictures. Such an ignorant statement should be re-considered how is it that a painting of a physical or animate
object should be placed higher in stature than one of an inanimate set of letters? Ansi, as with many other art forms, involves the creation of still
pictures. Hence, the picture itself holds no real importance - it is the methodor degree of originality used to create that is key. Whether you enjoy viewing one or the other is a matter of personal
preference. Just dont disregard our art with idiotic ramblings or blind exclaimations. Dont hesitate in downloading the newly-released Awe pack because itll be nothing more than an archive full of boring logos. If youreone of those that carries such a point of view, Ive only one thing to say - youdont know what youre missing.
Member Additions
Newsletter 18
AWE Lettering grew by three this month. Shrimp, a former ascii artist
now practicing his hand with ansi, re-joined Awe after his comeback to our wonderful computer art scene. Weve also added Mr. Wrong to our elite roster he has experience with such groups as Mistigris and Glue, and holds a style all
his own. Late in the month, Mydknight joined us quite suddenly. After taking
a look at his fabulous ascii pieces, I invited him and he accepted immediately.
Welcome aboard guys.
Member Departures
Newsletter 18
No one left this month! Now, thats what I like to see... :
Newsletter 18
Welcome to our most recent portfolio of textbook logo artistry. With
a much beefier pack this month, Im very pleased and quite confident in what thereception will be like. Feedback is ALWAYS welcome, so please send your comments/suggestions to
If youre a regular viewer of Awe, youll most likely notice the brand
new member listing design this month. Weve also adopted a new format in which
only members who submit work each month will be listed. You idle guys - just
because you arent listed doesnt mean youre out of the group. A master listing is kept you are not forgotten. :
A total of five artists guest with Awe this month. Check and
double-check the superb works of Catch22Glue, LeoBM, Splatt, TaevoreCirce,and TaintedxIce in this months release. Each are wonderful fontists in theirown right. Thank for appearing guys, we are ever-appreciative.
Enter The Night Angel
After looking at how people were acting for the last few months, Ive
realized something really important: it seems like people have been dissing eachother forever, because of the medium they prefer using. At first, I thought it
was normal since it had always been this way at least, it had been since I
started drawing. But after thinking about it, I realized how stupid this whole
thing was. I mean, were all artists, arent we? Why would we have to diss other people because they prefer producing art with Tombstone Artist instead of
Aciddraw. Same applies with ascii. People seem to think it takes less talent
to draw ascii because they dont have shading blocks. But then again, I could
tell you it takes less talent to draw ansi than ascii, because we only have little blocks to draw with, when ascii has the whole ascii set. We can talk
about this forever. This month, I decided I was going to do everything possibleto stop this stupid discrimination. Thats why Dissonance and I decided were
going to take off ALL of our divisions. People are now listed under artists
instead of having an ansi artist, ascii artist or rip artist label. By
doing this, we hope people realize that we are all artists, even though we are
using different mediums, and also invite other artist to try other mediums.
Please support us in our mission of making this scene better than it is.
Designed By
The Night Angel
and Phony Eye