AVView96 Manual & Info by iNSTABiLiTY
AVView96 Manual & Info by iNSTABiLiTY
to all the folks at home ....
Australias GroOoviest art viewer just got groovier..
AVViEW 96 4.42b
Oz96 Version.
We not at fault if AVViEW kills your computer. so there
AVViEW 96 Oz96 version is the most up-to-date ANSi viewer this side of the
equator. For this special occasion, most of the viewer has been rewritten, as
well as the frontend and MCGA palette manipulation techniques.
If you discover any bugs please email me Digital Vampire on one of AVs dist
sites in Victoria only! : Bug reports such as It crashes sometimes are
totally useless! If you find a bug, please tell me how it can be recreated and any suggestions for fixing it, if any! AVViEW now uses XMS memory to handle all files. It will not run without it. To
load it, load HiMEM.SYS in your CONFiG.SYS, and it should work. The reason for
using this is so you can load ANSi files as long as your arm, or longer! For example, with 8Mb memory, no EMM386 installed, and HiMEM.SYS installed, an ANSi up to !45600! lines long can be loaded! by comparison, ACiDViEW can load
ANSis up to 3,200 lines maximum...
The frontend for AVViEW96 now uses pre-emptive multitasking for searching for
ACiDSAUCE information. This means that in a very big directory, you can scroll
around and load a file, while the CPU is still searching for SAUCE. The back-
ground of the AVViEW logo at the top of the screen will light when the SAUCE is
is being looked for.
New in version 4.42
* Bugfixes
* New frontend interface
* iCE colour toggle F4
* Smooth/Block Auto Viewing F8
* Alphabetical directory listings F9
* Some palette fixes for MCGA mode.
* Graphic file support GIF/PCX/LBM/BMP
* Keypad controls ACiDViEW style in filefinder
* Enter quits file amen
* Palette calculated for each individual ANSi
* REALLY BIG ANSi support
* REALLY BIG BiN support
* Panning at start scrapped.
* New effect while panning to helpscreen.
* Greyscaling in textmode
* Startup screen :
* Pre-emptive multitasking frontend interface
* Always detects SAUCE if present now.
I would think that AVViEW is pretty self explanatory, but for all the meat
heads out there...
Inside the filefinder
F1 More help.
F2 Change viewing mode also +,-
F3 Change viewing resolution also .
F4 Toggle iCE colour mode.
F5 Change mask.
F6 Toggle greyscaling/text/ANSi
F7 File information eg SAUCE, size, date etc
F8 Toggle smooth/block/manual/auto file reading
F9 Toggle alphabetical directory searching
F10 Refresh display.
Up Go up!
Down Go down.
Esc Exit.
Enter Load file currently selected.
Inside the fileviewer
F2 Change viewing mode
F3 Change viewing resolution
F6 Toggle greyscaling/text/ANSi
Up Go up.
Down Go Down.
Esc/Ret Quit to file finder
Code Digital Vampire iNSTABiLiTY
Graphics Mr Krinkle Apocalyptic Visions
Thanks to Amon-RaiNS for ANSiMation/graphic file support.