Electronic Warfare  (Oz96 Entry) by Harlequin
Electronic Warfare (Oz96 Entry) by Harlequin
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-+- Officially Sponsored By The Society For Un-American Activities. -+-
This is my entry for Oz96. Its lean, its mean, and it looks kinda nice.
This was all finished in one marathon 5 hour session, and has been finished
a number of other times, out of bordom. If i had to put a figure on it,
id say this is 9 ansi hours of stuff... Still, all the proportions are
correct, even if her breasts are a little under developed for Neurotics
This was all for the new BBS im co-oping, which i shall be using to further
my own personal prejudices in the environment of my choice. Itll be on madnet
way too soon for the liking of the RSPCA.
Greets go out to:
Blue Apache: Iplay can really make those ansis sound nice :
Flick: You are not a god.
Mick Rippon: Youll just have to go, your too good.
And vics newest art bbs: Chicken on a Drumstate