iCE Promo (TaintedX Duel) by SalvationX
iCE Promo (TaintedX Duel) by SalvationX
who drew this logo anyway?
not me
Oldschool attempt at
well.. i guess itS
about time i get back to
doing some BIG comic rips
again. im definatley back
now.. got the mag going and
everything.. i hope every1
contributes to this one
this time. tourettes only
died because poeople didnt svx
get involved enough...
avenge cult is coming on
strong in 1999.. definatley
better than glue or legion
or whever else wants
competition.. we got it
zeusII, cr, gso.. you guys
anyone else.. join us.
lEGI0N WH0?!@
i did this ansi and
didnt even get a bONG yOe?
zenith is better than
avenge? you idiot.
let me guess ha
legion is too?
Aint no way ya gonna stop my shine, Yall nigguhz must be out yo mind.
iCE Advertisements 1999 - They rule only because they have Trip... Word up.
Wolverine VS. Hulk ansi by: SalvationX avenge - Logo by: SalvationX avenge
Real Oldschool Ansi! All Inspiration : Trip iCE/thrust Real Oldschool Ansi!
Jesus loves you.
This is my entry for the ansi duel between me and TaintedX. Judge accordingly.
This is petty.
This ansi represents countless hours of hard work, innovation for myself, and
pride. It is a natural human instinct to want to be the best at what you do.
Sometimes people forget who it is that they should be looking up to, and insteadlook down upon that person. Friendship is everything, while an ego can become
so large that someone can lose all the friends they have. Losing everything is
hard my friends, I have learned. Forgiveness is not easy to achieve, but it is
a goal that I have set for myself.. and one that I hope some of you will also
Follow the word of god, you will become immortal.
one love
This goes out to you.. This goes out to you, and you, and you, and you.
Ya reign on the top was short like leprachauns.
As we crush so called scene gods, doodlers, and ansi dons.