Sadist Promotional by WhiteTrash
Sadist Promotional by WhiteTrash
yeah, know what im sayin? yall nigguhz been talkin an awful lot of shit for a
while now, like yall mofuckahz got so much muthafuckin personality.
all of yall, poppin all that fly shit tryin diss nigguhz and all that bullshit
but you know deep down in yo muthafuckin hearts yall nigguhz is buuuuuums
compared to this nigguh whitetrash you know that shit, you been knew that shit
yall mofuckaz been knew that muthafucka might come back and kick yall
muthafuckin asses.
+ s a d i s t
ave logo by: dee1
pic by: whitetrash all that remains is god.
sadist logo by: dizzy
the avenge cult 1999 ... get ya pics, get ya logos, get ya shit right.
puttin yall nigguhz out of business like sony did to zenith