avenge promo by maytag man
avenge promo by maytag man
anavengeproduction maytagmanavenge
anyone who says comic rips suck... fuck you... at least i am drawing
there is nothing worse than a person who says its not old school, its not new
school.... its no good... oldschool toon, newschool toon, ld! style etc. art
art rulez. no exception... no art completely sucks... if something cant be put
under one single catagory, and you are unhappy about it... screw you labels suckits what was put into an ansi that counts, who cares how i shade it. amen
enough of this inconsistent dribble already... press pgdn
maytag man avenge
black on black white on white its all elite bah this sucks its all lame i suck you mayk etc.
enough green for you? this is for creator thanks dood
drawn using itpdraw, go guys go