fuel no more by spirit of rage + oth
fuel no more by spirit of rage + oth
angel girl ansi pic made only by spirit of rageavenge
avenge font originaly made by sq2ice, reshaped and recolored by soravenge
fuel font by renim8orlegion, big touch ups by soravenge
multiple groups combined to bring you the best!
...bringing you back to the time when quality was nothing special to
talk about, of coz Im talking about the time when legend ruled the scene!
something we dont see so often in these days... *sniff*
the oldschool spirit still lives!!
---end of ansi at 350 lines--------------------------------------------------- damn i never get to write in the nfo file.. muahaha.. big pay back time!!
dont read this if you hate long messages, but this message is
about things i consider important in the scene and fuel...
this is my tribute ansi for the best group ive ever been a
member of. fuel stood for everything a great group could:
friendship, teamwork, good organization, and most of all great
artists. when fuel died, it was a great loss for the whole scene,
and mostly for me. so i quit the scene because there was no group
that could offer what i got from fuel. if you think about it,
all groups die no matter how well organized they are, but the
thing is to become remembered forever as a fantastic group.
fuel did that. after one big group has fallen another will rice
and kick ass so youll join that group instead. its how it
always has been and probably always will be. i just wish that one
day a new group will be formed working only with ansi and have
the spirit to be the best there ever was like legend once was.
in these days it seems hard to get all the great artists together in
one group since everybody is split down in lots of other groups.
fuel had the protential to be that, but what made them fall was
the thing that we cant draw ansi forever and start to spend more
time on our private lifes. that was why so many good members quit in
the end and then more until there was nothing left of fuel but
some tired artists. i know that will be my fall when i quit for
good. life has so much more to offer then this hobby we have.
mostly because it takes up so much time that we need for other
important things.
i still know that no matter what i do i will always make one or two
ansis per year just for fun. cause thats what the whole things
about, fun. its strange that some times we forget that. fuel
offered everything a group needed for a small town artist like
me, i just hope one day more groups shall arise and have the
same potential as fuel once had... one day...
// deep thoughts by spirit of rage
fuck this made the ansi way longer then i expected
havent done a greet in years.. so lets roll the joint and check it out!
group greets: ALL ex-fuel members, and ex-legend members and legion
channel greets: fuel, sweart, avenge n ansi
that should cover all guys i forgot in my respect list, sorry!
respect goes to in random order everybody i could think of: the knight for being my best scene friend ever, big respect man
burps for being supportive while i was a fuel member
aoh for being just a great guy
thrashie for being a very nice guy
reanim8or for being a friendly and talented dude
zeusII for being my best swedish scen buddy ever
vader for being the nicest guy in sweart
big yellow man for being the funniest guy on irc
yeti for being the funniest guy on sweart
dissonance for being a supportive guy during my time in fuel
creator for being a great leader for avenge
retribution for being a man who stands for hes opinion
mr4tune for being my fav artist in the scene and a good friend
grimlock for being my other fav artist and insperation source
tung lo for being a nice ex-fueler to chat with on irc
taintedx for being a new good friend
some last words:
ill quit the scene for a month or so, so i can spend more time with my
school stuff n so on. ill get back later when the summer vacation starts.
so please dont email me with reqs or stuff like that before im back again.
im still not sure what group i should be a member of but ill release my
stuff with avenge for now.. so when the summer starts ill have lots of time to think about what group to join... cya later mon!
email: sor@hotmail.com email me with thoughts about this ansi or the message
if u cant imagina how many hours ive spent on this ansi u better not come
bitching me about proportions n stuff or ill pump my hunk up your dunk!
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