AURA Imagery 11/95 InfoFile by Daze
AURA Imagery 11/95 InfoFile by Daze
DIZ Artist:
Twilight Serenity
November 1995 Package
Release 2
A long awaited pack, which
will put to rest many rum-
ors regarding AURAs
AURA Imagery 1995.. death. Much improvement
november 2 since the premiere Oct.
- Daze: Aura Imagery Founder -
Welcome to the second AURA Imagery Art Package. Its long overdue,
we know, but many complications have caused the delay. First off, my computer
was taken away and sold, before I had the chance to release the pack. I spent
months trying to get it back, but with no success. Finally after moving into
a new house, I have access to a computer and thanks to the support from aura
members such as Nitrogen, Genesis POrridge, and Frixion, weve managed to
hang in there long enough to bring you our second pack.
In my absence, I still kept in touch with Twilight Serenity, who
updated me on the scenes happenings. I was hyped when I was told Lord Jazz
had left Bleach and his other groups to produce with AURA, but soon after I
learned that he had left for saga. Someone had told him AURA was dead, and
that Twilight Serenity had dropped us for saga. Now, Im not sure if this
is the sole reason LD left us, but if so, Id like to get him back.
Escape Net seems to be running fine, thanks to some hard work and
determination on the part of Genesis POrridge. I plan to re-open Fate as
soon as I get my own CPU and phone line, which hopefully will be soon! If
you want to catch up on things, you can email me at or
call The Tenement.
Well, theres so much more Id like to tell you, but this isnt a
document, just an infofile, so onto the pack, I hope you enjoy it.
quickie-greets: maggie, q-man, porridge, nitro, frixy, ... argh, ive been
gone too long.