C 1989 North Win
ds, C 1990 GRFX, C 1992-93 Max Art Productions ASSAULT
Promotional Logo by Snow Dog Max 25 August 1993
lt - The driving force in the underground literary field.
If you have talent with poetry or short ficti
on, youll be interested in Assault. Dont sell yourself ou
t if you have either the creativity or the potential, join
the best. The top writers in the scene work for Assault..
Amadeus, Digital Dictator, Corwin of Amber, Taliesin, the l
ist goes on. Were a laidback, straightforward, and talente
d group of people working together. Assault is also
looking for ANSi/VGA artists. At current we
have Creeping Death working with VGA. Hes one of the best in
the scene, and is looking to work with some more artists of the
same type. On ANSi we have Bullfrog, who does slick logos and
small pics for us. If you have the drive, contact us. Well work
something out.
And finally, we still need to fill some Headquarters positions.
We would like each state to have a HQ, and if there are multiple
members present, HQs for each area code. All that is required
is the polling of two echomail bases from the support network,
ASLnet, and a pledge to keep lines of communication open.
Thanks for your time, and we look forward to working with
some new members.
Dreadnought Assault