!@ALPHAFORCE Fight the future!
Ujj ujj.. its been a while since! The main reason were
not releasing very often is that we lack submits. All
arc members are lazy!! Ok, maybe not all, but alot of
them are :
So here we are again, lightning up your boring all-day
life with our couzy low-res art : Mysfaktorn brjar
arta sig as we say up here in the north of europe.
Ive got that crazy feeling that its not as cool
releasing artpacks as it used to be, due to the web and
stuff, but who fucking cares ? All the lowres artists
that has stopped drawing because they just installed
Linux or started doing hires are just mainstream fuxx0rs
who can goto hell. they only follow the stream, against
the grain is where we stay! We still love what we are
doing, but ofcourse it would be nice if there where
more people active on the artscene, and we miss our old
artscene friends. We need to learn the new generation
about bbses and lowres art.
By the way! We are soon to release our first chippack
with wonderful chiptunes by Mr.death, Modium, Zabutom
and tetsuoii and who knows, maybe even rayar : heh.
As usual some ppl left and some ppl joined/rejoined.
Btw no.2 .. this pack sux and the next one gonna rock!
I got some plans for the future of this group.
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