October '96 Info Thang by Apathy Studios
October '96 Info Thang by Apathy Studios
a p a t h y
ON THE APATHY15 ASS: Crazy shit and too much dope h
as made our asses whack,
but have no phear, shit will stay troo and alive.
THIS MONTH IS YOUR MONTH: This month has been deeme
d National Infertility
Awareness Month, so dont give Halaster too much drama this
month, its his
month to chill.
knows iCE is whack, so he got back
on the Apathy wagon. I dunno if hes still down with iCE, b
ut to quote Kid
Krylon, that dog dont give a FUCK. Paranormal ho
oks up to catch much telecom
wreck, so hed better start shit up. No one smoked enough c
rack this month to
leave, so its +2 for the Apathy crew. On that ass.
whoa. this is an extremely quickie info file, like last m
inute and all. trip
wrote all that stuff up there, cuz hes wacky ass. he did h
owever, in his ram-
blings, cover everything that happened in apathy this month
, save for ONE VERY
IMPORTANT THING. due to time restraints, blah blah,
basically laziness, weve
appointed another senior to help out with coordination type
thangs. and who is
that special person? who among us did we appoint as head di
ck cheeze to all in
the scene? huh? HUH?! the one person, besides me, whos bee
n in apathy since thevery beginning, over a year. ye
s, ewheat is now senior stuff, cuz hes the
mack.word to ewheat. all complaints should be direct
ed towards him :.
thats about it. im keeping it short and sweet cuz its late
, im tired, and my
butt smells ripe for some reason. gotta go wipe. peaz out.
trip misfit apathy guys