Acetone by Misfit
Acetone by Misfit
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---snip snip--------------------------------------
i know youre asking yourself, why has a talented g
uy like misfit sunken so lowas to re-release an ansi
? well, you should be anyway :.. welp, heres the
deal.. i made this ansi a few months ago for a guy named vl
ad his bbs, morbid
hallusinations .. anyway, he was supposed to pay me 25 for
it, he told me the
check was in the mail and all that bullshit .. to ma
ke a long story short, he
lied to me and ripped me off. this is one of my better ansi
s ever, so i thought
why let it go to waste? so i recycled it and made it
into an ad for my board
which you should call. now. dammit :. hehe.. ahwel
l. buh bye.