July^96 Info File by Apathy
July^96 Info File by Apathy
a p a t h y !
the 07/96 stuff phearsome.
elite ass font: balls yes it is my real name wilson
shading, etc: apox yes it did look better before
w00. welcome to the july apathy pack o stuff, our eleventh release and youknow what that means... next month is pack 12.. twelve packs... twelve months..yes! next month is our one year anniversary! w00h00!. whee. anyway, were back,here to defile you all with our demon seed and show you some art and stuff.
month stuff
due to popular demand well, actually, MY demand i decided to make the this-
month-is thingie a regular section. this month is Tahiti Awareness Month. So,
like, be aware, because Tahiti is there. Yeah.
member stuff
welp, as always, we gained a few members, we lost a few members, and we gave msda rim job. ahem. first, the rim job grunt, groan, whee. now, the new guys :.holy shit, intermission. i just looked down at my leg and noticed i have a damnstretch mark. jesus. anyway, new guys can i procrastinate or what?..first thismonth comes the rza, one hell of a pHUNKY smelling artist from acid. this guyrocks, his logos rock, and now hes doing some pics that take a wild-ass guessrock. ya h00. next up is a k-neato musician named pyro. what can i say? he rockstoo. welcome to the group, guys. pull down your pants.
unfortunately this always sucks, we had to let a couple guys go for variousreasons. first off, ellis dee leaves us to pursue a career in gynecology. hesalso heading up the new group decades, so he doesnt have time for us apathyboys, hes too good for us now. bastard. YOU SON OF A BITCH! g. hehe. whee...next is professa booty who joined up for telecom and proceded to marvel us withjack shit. i think he set up one conf and then disappeared. ahwell, hes out.
group stuff
lesee... whats going on with the group im going to try and remember it all,trips asleep so i cant call him and ask :. okay, heres something. this monthwere releasing our first music disk, quiver. transients coordinating it, andit features work from transie, pyro, and mister self destruct i had no idea hedid music until this month, i guess hes been doing it for a local group, butthe guy fucking rules.
next up, a change in group policy. due to some prodding by a few members theyasked and we said yes, are we pushovers or what? :, were dropping the no dual-ing rule. actually, this makes sense, because the rule was first implemented tosize down the member list yknow, to see who was really loyal and all, and nowthat summers here, some of our members feel they can produce enough shiznit formultiple groups. neato.
some of you diehard apathy fans may remember
that in the first few packs, i used to give up-
dates on my balls. well, heres another. im
getting my license soon, so i had to get a phy-
sical. anyone whos had one knows that you have
to take yer pants off and have some old lizard-
skinned dude fondle your nuts, checking for
lumps uh-huh. as you can imagine, i was a
little aprehensive about this, more so when i
found out that the person doing my examination
was a woman gad. she was ugly and i was scared
id pop one or something. in the end though,
she skipped the testicle touch completely for
better or worse, i dunno. ohwell.
oh, hey, in site news, we now have a united
states headquarters. what sap was lucky enough
to have this honor placed upon him and his bbs?
why, me of course :. my board is FINALLY up,
its called acetone its a-ce-tone, not ace-
tone, its run by me misfit with our own mt
transient taking the co-sysop reigns. the num-
ber is 717-272-3878 remember that. give it a misfit administers a self-
call, if youd like chat with me or whatever. examination. a fun time was
and hell, while im plugging my board, call the had.
world hq, poo, at 602-589-0791. trip runs it.
moichendising! MOICHENDISING! sorry, theres been a space balls thread on poolately, just thought id quote the great and powerful yogurt. no. well, acidhas t-shirts, fires got the undergarment market cornered, whats apathy to do?well, fear not, we now have in the planning stages our own little knick-knackwhat is it? wait till next month to find out.
yay. with the loss of professa boo-tay, were in need of a telecom guy. if youcan set up lasting confs, get us valid calling cards, and other assorted illicitphone things, get in touch with us. we want YOU in more ways than one.
profiles stuff
wow! the return of apathy profiles. Balls Wilson is our esteemed member to be
photographed this month. BWILSON.JPG holds his eliteness.
email stuff
misfit lost his email. so, stop sending email to misfit@arena.leba.net, it
doesnt do anything. i, trip, have a new email, f00ters@primenet.com. do not
send email to thrust@primenet.com, it doesnt do anything. if you would like
free unadulterated netsex, email radman@acid.org.
head stuff
just a reminder, we only have 2 headquarters. p0o is whq, and acetone is ushq.
if members run a board, it is a member board. DO NOT ASK US FOR SITES, OR WELL
GO LOCO ON YOU. and no betrayer, you are not a site, just let it go man. :
well be adding headquarters to each country, one per country, as we see fit.
dont call us, well call yooz.
bye bye bye
wow. were late, but its ok, its our party and well cry if we want to. later.