June '96 Information by Apathy Studios
June '96 Information by Apathy Studios
a r t s t u d i o s
apathy : the june shiznit
hmm. welcome to the 10th apathy pack. i know a lot of yo
u have been waiting
patiently for the pack, so trip and i have spent the las
t few hours finishing uplast minute ansis, writing in
fo files, drawing dizs, etc etc. weve worked hardto
get this too you, and i know our artists have done th
e same in drawing and
getting us their shiz, and it shows. i think this is our
best one yet, boys and
btw, ive got a horrible fucking headache from messing w
ith the drum set in
transients basement, so im gonna keep this short and s
fresh meat
well, because of our new invite only policy we dont hav
e the normal huge influxof members which is a good t
hing, i think. the few we did get more than make up
for that though, so here goes. continuing our fine tr
adition of recruiting
ex-acid members, stone the crow left dark this
month to doodle around with the
apathy crew. also, you might wanna check out his mag, cr
ash n burn. it rocks. you may have seen some of his
work in this months dark pack, but that was be-
cause hed already given it to them. hes since left dar
k, so hes not dualing.
next up are a couple of non-artists who are gonna help u
s with the behind the
scenes stuff. ellis dee returns to apathy this
month under the guise of web pagecoordinator whatev
er that is :. ph34r him. also another former apathy
returning to the flock, professa booty hooks b
ack up with us as head telecom guylove him, hate him
, hes damn good at what he does, so there. phbbbt :
. id
like to extend a warm and fuzzy squishy welcome to all o
f em.
no one left this month. keen.
misc. news
lots of little things going on in the apathy playground
this lovely june. first
off, transient is coordinating the first apath
y music disk, which is due out in
july. ts is doing lots of stuff for it, and mr self
destruct is contributing hismusic skills as wel
also, intrepid coder dark phoenix is alive and
well, and hard at work on the
apathy viewer but we have yet to come up with a hip lit
tle name for it, so oh
well. more on that next month.
through hours of hard, dedicated research on the part of
myself and trip, weve
discovered and proven that, yes, masturbation does clear
the sinuses. really.
balls wilson has a big pecker. ewheat
s breasts are bigger than balls though.
the end
well, seeing as how i cant think of anything else to sa
y, this concludes the
info file. enjoy. whack off to the pack. im going to sl
- misfit misfit@arena.leba.net