Apathy - May '96 Info File by Apathy Studios
Apathy - May '96 Info File by Apathy Studios
apathy studios .. the
may nineteen ninety-six art thang .. ph
ear us .. a lot
Apathy .. the only group ran by seniors cap
able of getting whiplash from a
swivel chair. It r3ally hurtZ d0od@!!** I th
ink im gonna cry -mt
Did i mention its Inside Joke Month?
well.. we can all thank trip for that
silly little opening paragraph thing
we think hes been smoking some of that local ariz
ona shrubbery. anyway,
welcome to the may 1996 apathy art thang. this is
misfit typing and, btw,
if im not funny in this info file, blame trip. he
s rushing me to finish
it :, and ive got a poo-load of news to report on
, but first the smoochy
nice stuff. thanks a ton to prizm of
rival for that kickin font up there,
it rocks my world man. youre the best.
aw, that was sweet.
aight, now on to the fun stuff. as you may
have heard by now, either thro
ugh irc or
in stcs hip emag crash n burn, apath
y is
going through a lot of changes right now.
it all started a few weeks ago when trip
i were have phone se- er, discussing impor
tant apathy business and we got to talking
about how huge apathy was getting, and how
he and i were killing ourselves to keep it
going do you have any idea how hard it is
to keep 40+ art geeks coordinated? id ra-
ther lick a stoat. anyway, it came dow
n splut
to two choices a kill apathy
, or b do
some serious rearranging. since trip and i
plan to be in apathy until were wrinkle
old men with size twenty colostomy bags
, pleased with the changes going
we were a little more keen on option b.
on in apathy, trip plays with
lil twiggy.
as you can imagine we had a little trouble
deciding exactly how to size things down. we came
up with a ton of ideas,
from kicking everyone out and and then re-inviting
a few, to holding sort
of a raffle it seemed a sound idea at the time.
finally, we came up with two lists, a list of po
ssibles and a list of
doubtfuls. the possibles were members who were ei
ther good friends, they
were regular contributers, and helped out a lot wit
h the group. the second
list had like 30 people on it, the first a measley
10 including trip and
me. sheesh. buy hey, these are ten of th
e coolest people ive ever met in
the scene, and i think any group worth shit would be
proud to have em btw
-- there are eleven members of apathy now..
hades returned from his excur-
sion to africa right before the pack came out and we
re all happy he wasnt
cannibalized or gored to death or anything. go ch
eck out that hip member
list we did for a rundown of whos still with our h
appy little family.
now, the bad news. last month, our member list peak
ed at nearly 40 members
and, since we now only have eleven, obviously we ha
d to let some people go
and this has been the hardest decision weve ever
had to make. to those
we passed over, its nothing personal, we think yo
ure all cool guys, but
we simply couldnt afford to have a group that bi
g anymore. so, without
further ado, here it is: apox,
caduceus, crayon, defian
t, eiht ball, ellis
dee, epidemic,
fringe, fury, meep
, mighty
mouse, nootropic,
nosferatu, sir death,
straka, sublime,
shoony, spear, kami
creed, fresh,
lint, smokey,
cephyr, tical,
cidica, nero, ass
umed assassin, hooch, vil
lage idiot,
and b0rys. whew.
keep in mind
that many of the above were probables, b
couldnt deal with some of apathys newe
policies which
ill explain later. all
in all thirty-two apathy member
s got their
walking papers. im glad, at least, tha
most of them took this change in stride
were pretty cool about i
t and then there
are those nameless few who just couldnt
handle it. theyre all dead now.
argh.. tha
t was tough to do. ahwell.. such
is life. anywho, weve also adopted some
misfit weeps over the inevita- new poli
cies meant to help raise the qual-
ble loss of so many members. ity level
in apathy. first, no sa
me art
form dual groupin, meaning that you can
be in apathy and another group for, say, ansi, alth
ough if you did ansi or
something for us, you could be in another group for,
like, vga. i know it
sounds more than a little vague, but ohwell..deal w
ith it. also, apathy is
now invite only. you cannot apply, you m
ust be invited by trip or me.
ack.. this is shaping up to be sort of a depressing
info file.. sniff
as far as sites go, we dropped them all. p
oo 602-589-0791 is still the
the world headquarters, ran by trip. the ushq,
acetone, will be going up
sometime next month i hope. btw, its pronounce a-s
e-tone. do art for it.
if im missing anything, i sure as hell cant remem
ber it, so i guess its
not that important :. its late, im tired, and i
wanna get this damn paq
out were already late.. so, until next time.. bu
------------------------ written by
those two studs misfit trip
/ illustrated by mizphitzah