Eternal Damnation by Trip
Eternal Damnation by Trip
Hey all in AnsiLand.. nothah dark, demonic,
cute, furry ansi from me. If an ansi by me
would just make your day, catch me on irc as
TRiP or e-mail me at,
and make sure it says its for trip
. I dont
ask for money, but if you wish to pay me for
my services it will guarentee yourself an
ansi done by the first of th
e next month,
prolly sooner. If you just want a freebie,
e-mail me and ill see what i can do, al-
though i cant guarentee youll get one.
Woa.. thats alot of text ..haha
greetz: animal,obsid,nyc,kk, max,mojo
i refuse to take up 24
lines with a
etuhnal dayamnnashun
*** You are on the following channels:
users: @sw TRiP
TRiP dayumn!@ e.d. is that shiznit!@
sw jeah, i know. :
*** Radman has joined channel eternaldamnnation
Radman sw!@*
sw rm.
Radman Can I get a lil piece o dat e.d.!?!?!?!
sw I dunno... I usually only except the highest of the lee
t ppl.. ill think
about it.
Radman ok!@ Thanx slick willard!@
*** Radman has left channel eternaldamnnation
TRiP i dunno... radman is ok.. but not real leet...
sw i guess i could give him a chance...why not..
TRiP its yer show dood..
+o: Slick Willard
: 3y3-d0n7-n03
nup: findit,biOtch!@
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