Apathy Newsletter Issue #1 by misfit
Apathy Newsletter Issue #1 by misfit
Get Ready To Puke
Issue No.1 An Official Apathy Productions
tm Public Update September 1995
Well, I already wrote an info file, but I couldnt r
esist this . Any- way, this is the first Apathy pac
k, but our roster has changed quite a bit from the fi
rst time I started getting Apathy together. Hmm, I
guess I should say something clever to fill up this
space. Well, school is starting soon, so pro-
duction in the scene will probably go down due to lack of t
ime. School sucks. Hey, all you art scene geeks, com
e join Apathy, its really fun, and neato.
We begin our lis
ting of the new members of the
Apathy drawing club with the return of
an old
friend Nivek Ogre, a
lso known as Borys, has
started drawing again and came back to Apathy o
nce .
more to i
mpress us with his neato drawing skills.
Next, we g
ot ex-CiA artist Village Idiot, whos a
pretty neat guy, decid
ed he wanted to draw for the
Apathy ansi crew. Former Vapor artist and
plain ne
at guy Sir Death makes his ascii debut in
this pack I think. Also joini
ng us is FUTiLE guy
Ewheat he was in Disco too.
Warner Studios staff
guy Iridesce
nt a.k.a Eternal Chaos has decided
to do
some shit for us too. STAB artist Captin
going to be doing some ansi and rip stu
ff for us, Iridescent pulls out
as is Blenderhead of Un
ion. Finally, Apocalypse
his eyeball and shows of D
isco will be doing stuff for us. Also, C
idica it to everyone.
is our new mascot.
We can only hope that their
stay with us
will be as groovy as the trip here
Theres no other new members, so Ill fill
up this section with step-by-step instructions
on how to make a water bong. First, get a jar
with a metal lid. Poke holes on opposite sides
of the lid, and glue two pieces of aquarium
tubing into the holes one going into the jar,
the other poking up a few inches. Have a tiny
piece of the tubing going into the jar poking
out of the top. Glue a metal Craftsman socket
over the bit of tubing sticking out the size
depends on how big you want your bowl to be.
Take a piece of tinfoil, and line the inside of
the socket with it, making a bowl shape. Then,
take a pin and poke several small holes in the
foil this is your nifty little filter. Fill
Help! Im an oddly
the jar about halfway full with water so that
shaped.. thing! ex-
the tube goes into the water, screw the lid on
claims mascot Cidica.
the jar, load your bowl, and spark up. Yay!
The excess of fr
ee time many of us encounter
the summer may be half par
for the prolific creation and
emolition of so many new groups d
uring these
three hectic months. That has nothing to do
any members leaving, but these g
uys, original
Apathy members, have left: Om
ot left the scene,
bid Fixation joined Dark, and Leper Me
the lit guy, not the TOA guy, he left the scene.
Neato-keen. Their unique
talents and styles
have been a constant in Apathys
releases or
not :, and theyve been
good friends. Theyll all
be sorely mythed.
Omot breaks the world Hey, lets all si
ng the Violent Femmes Blister
record by smoking six
in the Sun. When Im a-walkin I strut my stuff,
joints.. at once.. and I
m so strung out. Im high as a kite, I just
might stop to check you o
ut. Let me go on, like a blister in the sun, let me
go on, big hands i know youre the one. Ahem.
Our influence around the world has
been greatly expanded by the vario
facets of the Internet, but one
must always still
rely on the faithful bulletin
board for smaller-scale dealings. As such, w
e have named several new bulletin boards loc
ated internationally to fa
cilitate communication between
our members and our distribution to even t
he most remotest of locales. These
new sites consist of the following: Sadistic Temple
is our temporary World Headquarters, until
poO! goes up. Blah!, The Graveya
rd Shift, Therapy, Brand X,
and Tainted Meat are all member boards.
Hmm.. lets talk about the scene. Uh.. group wars. Ne
ato. Theres always
been one between ACiD and iCE although iCE is pretty much
handing ACiD their asses in the ansi department righ
t now, since ACiD lost several good members to
Legend. Um, speaking of Legend, rumors are flying that they
ve died, or merged
with ACiD, or whatever. What I hear is that Neurotic went ba
ck to Union, Deeply Disturbed and Master Ken went to
ACiD, and Somms is running Legend now. I dunno
whats up, I guess well find out.
What the hell does that say up there? WNBAMI? Whaf
uck? Humm.. anywho, well, in miscellaneous Apathy new
s, Saint Sinner changed his handle to Misfit
, and Borys changed his nick to Nivek Ogre.
Sir Death was rumored to have changed his ha
ndle to Pussywillow, but it was later reveale
d that Pussywillow is just what his mom calls him
. Also, Village Idiot confided in me that his
darkest fantasy is to have oral sex with a giraffe really d
eep throat.
Well, that AIS up there is supposed to stand for ACiD In
formation Services,
but it looks like it says DIS, like Yo, punk, dont be di
ssin me! Ergo, I am dedicating this section to t
he one person in this world that id like to slap,
kick, hit, throw, stomp, shove a baseball bat up their
ass, smack around,
and generally plot the death of: My Mom. I hate that
fucking retarded-ass bitch
so much. My Dad is kind of a dick too, but he buy
s me stuff, so I can stand him. Oh, and Rush Li
mbaugh. Fucking asshole.
Well, thats about it. My sincerest apoligies
to RaD Man, Lord Jazz, and any of the original
peeps who made this info file, but hey, this is
funny . Um, I dont have a steady e-mail
address right now. You can try sinnah@free.org,
but i dont call there much anymore. My board,
poO!, should be up by the end of next month, so
youll be able to get all the latest Apathy info
there, until then, just get it off of the various
members and their boards. Oh yeah, find me on irc
and /MSG me this line and ill give ya a distro:
Psion is a homersexual.
Exactly in those words. If not, Ill just
Uh, dont try the key
laugh a little, and make fun at your expense. Any
lime pie, it tastes
way, I hope you enjoy the pack. Feel free to beat
funny, mumbles a be-
off to the neat art in here, I know I will .
wildered Nivek Ogre.
edits: Writers:
RaD Man, The Calibre, MindCrime, and Cthu
Edited by: Misfit Apathy Presiden
t Photographer: Lord
Jazz ACiD