Chrome 1O1
by Logan
Okay, today I want to show you guys how to create
a Chrome like
effect. For those of you who arent sure what Chrome
is its a shiny metal,
like you see on cars, etc. I
t reflects everything, but in a
manner. Its usually two gradual progression
s from light to dark. One is
the sky, the other is the land. If yo
uve ever looked closely at Chrome
you should know what Im talking about.
Theres no real artistic value to this information in AN
Si, its
usually just used with fonts. It takes up too much ro
om to apply it to any
picture. But it looks really cool, so
Im going to show you.
a good VGA version of this would be my Lo-Bell.Gif
Now, like I almost began in the first paragraph there is
three 3
parts to Chrome. Sky, Horizo
n line, and ground.
Heres a Chrome plated
Shiny spot to make the O
ook 3-dimensional
Horizon line
Black Hor
izon line
Green Gra
Now notice how there are no real
objects with the O.
are just two gradients colors ranging from dark to l
ight and a bumpy
horizon line, maybe mountains are in the bac
Also notice how the its dark at the top and lighter as
it reaches
the bottom.
Now thats a full color Chrome example. I also tend to d
o Chrome-like
effects using the same color.
This may not be actually reflecting anything real
, except maybe the
ocean, but it still looks neat, and in fonts all youre really lookin
g for is
Using tones of Grey also go well together.
Like I said before Ive never found any
real use for this besides
fonts when Im drawing in ANSi, but you can also use
these tips when drawing
in VGA.
Anyway, thats Chrome for ya.
Next lesson: Circle
s and Rounded Edges
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