Now i know anal packs normally have nfo files with alot of shit in them.. but
i want to get serious for once in my art scene career.
Ive wronged alot of you, but not in a way that you might think.. Sure,
i was a bitch towards almost everyone, i couldnt stop arguing with most of you
but im afraid this is far worse then any of those.
Now, what im about to say, the majority of you may not care about.. you
may have suspected it, or you may blatently hate me because of it.. but ive
fooled you all, and im not proud of it.
You see, I rip.. Ive done it before, and ive continued to do it.. the
majority of my artwork is my own, yes.. but id say approximately 1/5th of
everything ive ever done ive ripped..
Its up to you, if anyone out there still cares.. to forgive me for my actions
ill say this, it isnt a recent development, ive been doing it since the days
of fresh produce for those local scene people who remember
ive normally ripped from non conventional sources
.. ansi artists experimenting in ascii.. etc.. I ripped wator early on.