Benediction by Brother Cthulu
Benediction by Brother Cthulu
ts all downhill - weve reached the top, the point of diminished returnings. And progress might as well just stop, so we can all rein in our learnings.
Weve closed our mental syllabus, the line that we draw, arbitrary. Beyond it, all is frivolous --
before it, all is necessary. And with the patience of the saints, we cherish past days technologic. By toiling under past constraints, we give life to skills virtuosic. Too easy, on the bleeding edge, is life automatic, reflexive. Eschewing aid, we sweat and pledge: the hardships we bear are elective. So give respects, you crazy cats to those who stop things trending same-ish: the ANSI Masters in Straw Hats -- or if you like, just call them AMiSH. - benediction by Brother Cthulu
AMiSHLiT by Cthulu with ANSI by Misfit Brother Alpha
Greets to the folks who dared to be writers within the
confines of the text art scene and took shit as a result.
Its not your fault were too lazy to read.