Welcome to the first AiM LATENESS PAK!
This small info file was created in a big hurry
By Lord Prime and is 1 Has Horrible Spelling
2 Is the wierdest info file ever created or
3 1, 2 and 4
There is not much to say.. we dont want to bore you with the life story
of AiM and alot of other bullshit that other groups stick in their info file
so we will just get on with the some small info about the pak and the Greetz.
The Pak Contains Most of the work that AiM did durring its first month of
existance. You will notice that AiM lacks VGA artists so if there are
any out there who want to join please call.. What AiM DOES have is probibly
the best group of Music Composers anywhere around this area and we included
4 Songs by them in the Pak. Use the Future Crew MDPlayerincluded to listen
we realy think you will enjoy their work.
The Pak also contains a Lame-ass viewer :
We had a great viewer ready when an EXCIDENT!Caused by one of the best coders
in US!!! crashed Lord Primez hard drive... Too bad.. the Viewer in the pak
was done in quite a hurry2hours and has NOTHING.
But hay! youll use Acidview anywayz.
Distribution Cites :
Unlike most other Ansi groups AiM doesnt take ANY dist cites. We only want
a HQ in each large part of the world and thats about all.. As facts show
people will still get the pak. From other boards or most likely through the
InterNet and there is not use bothering with tons of cites and sysops and
Future Projects :
Even tho some people think this is Lame, AiM will not be releasing PAKS
on monthly bases.. Sometime there will be a back every week, and some time
a pak every year! We dont set deadlines for our Artists due to the fact
that we dont want them to rush with their work..
Requests :
Unlike other groupsonce again AiM does not take for their work.. At least
not yet anyway. If you wish to request and ANSi by AiM please Contact
LUC or LORD PRIME on Dying Breed BBS or any other quality board around the
213-310-818 area.
We would like to thank Reflex, Ti, Hash and the rest of the people who annoyed
us to release the pak : we REALY COULD have done this without you.
We would like to thank the Cool boards around the 310-818 area for giving us
a reason to leve : FAST WAREZ
Special thanx goes to C-G of UNiON for his help on Spectrum.
We would like to greet the following groups :
We would like to welcome all the new AiM membersall 12 of ya and hope
to see cool work from ya..
And Finaly we would like to welcome Pharcyde back into the scene! We are
glad you are with us..
Giving greets to every person we know is kinda stupid so we will just skip this
part. We would simply like to thank everyone who supported AiM and everyone who
helped up in any possible way. If you wish to read the greets from the people
that made this info file read at the very end.
Wow! The info file is already over.. and only 65+ lines!!!
Anyway : We hope you liked the AiM AnSi Pak, and hope you will continue to
support AiM in the future.
Next month we will have a longer and hopefully cooler NewsLetter.
Threshold GreetZ These Groups : PHC, IC, HV, ViSiON.
Threshold Greets These People : Master KeniCE, KillerattHV, The Bitch!,
Walter MittyIC, VisionaryPHC/PWA,
Lord Prime GreetZ these Groups: iCE, ACiD, TWILIGHT ZONE, RENAISSANCE,
All other Cool groups.
Lord Prime Greets these People: ArgusTZ, Ryan J. CramerREN/IG, LucAiM,
Warlord, Master KeniCE, Lord SlothyiCE,
KhyronACiD, HitManACiD, LanceFEAR,
Nut CrackerIM, Dan PotterDI, C-GUNION,
StarScreamREN, DareDevilREN, WalordAgain,
All the Drunken Lozers on the Demo Scene,
SkavenFC and all Coool and nice Music Guyz
whos songs make me code better and
the rest of the Coders/Artists I know.
The Illusionst Greets : Reflex, Lordy PrimyiCE, Samtron, Polaris
All memberz of ViSiON, AiM and Cooky.