Art in Madness Pressents - Art Pak 1 Re-Release
Well.. Things havent gone as well as we hoped with AiM... Our attitude towrds
the Art Scene is not well liked, and due to our policy of No Deadlines we neve
released a Pak ontime.. But we had some killer Tallent in the group.. still do
and we think that people that have stuck with aim deserve a great big thanx...
We are now starting fresh and after we get some more members we will start or
at least try to release a pak every month.. If you would like to join AiM
you can email us at But remember that we dont want people
who want to get BIG.. This is all for fun, and as long as we are having fun
we say FUCK YOU! to everyone who doesnt like us : this worked for so long..
then why should we stop now?!
Distro Cites -
Well.. we tryed to tell people that we dont want any, but like withe very
other group they didnt listen. Below is our Dist Cite Policy :
1. Anyone who wants to be an AiM Dist cite - IS AN AiM DIST CITE!
You dont even have to tell us!!! Just stick AiM Dist Cite on your BBS
ansi and go onto step 2.
2. If you want your name to appear in each AiM Pak you have to do the following
Email us at and say this :
3. Thats it! And if you want you can make a place on your BBS for our paks :
gotit? GOOD!!
Members -
The member issue is very sensative... After we tried to recruit some memebers
earlier it didnt work out because of our views that this scene is a hobby and
not a life! If you are willing to draw maybe 1 pic a month or more, and a cool
person who doesnt care about status in the scene then email us on the netat
aim@primenet.comi said this address like fucking 20 time already!!!
We only want ANSI artists, no VGA, no RIP!, no fucking renegade color codes!!
Requests -
Art in Madness ansis have and are FREEAgain this is not a buisness but a hobby
so if you need an ansi just email us at oh no!!.. here i go
with the info and we will get back to ya!