A i C i S S U E 2 N i T R O
Hellos Goodbyes
Hello everybody, i would like to thank you all for downloading this file. this
month was pretty good. i got a few new members. Everlasting Flame, A fine coder
that made our nice little application generator and the beta Viewer.we also
welcomeOnsloughtto the group with open arms A very tallentedMusicianwhow
ehope will bring us many fine music files. another addition to the act is Pesto,
Apretty good ansi artist i found in the local bbss. ohhhh ya i can forget to pu
tin The Crow,Sir Leachalot They both will be makeing some nice doom wads. we als
onow have The Tick a good lit writer, I personaly think can make it big times bu
ti like the fact that hes with us. And WOW freekin Fenix finaly gave some work
to the group he did. and this month we had a little guest of shiver Inner Visio
ndrawing some stuff,he might stay for some stuff.
Other Shit
Well i just would like to explain why the pack is called Nitro, well because
the song is cool and it means Youthenergy.I think this Packet Blew the last
one away by far. and i hate writeing so im gonna cut this short.
-Trim Here