Flatlined Reality by Animal
Flatlined Reality by Animal
- 31/1o/94
R E A L i T Y
FlatLined Reality
Sysops : Nailz Union and
Neurotic Union
Union World Head Quarters / Dark Distrobutio
n / Pursuit Distrobution /
Blur HQ
Nation Distrobution / UnionNet main Hub /
PrimeNet node / Nokturnal CanadianHQ
Freefall Internation Node / Fibre Emag Canadian
Spoon / Curroption Emag Member
Cartharsis Emag Nothern HQ / Deadly Force Emag M
ember / Terbium Emag Member :
New Number : 613-
Ansi by Animal of ACiD / U
hhh, dont u think Pnakotic rules and shit :