Dungeon II by Smooth
Dungeon II by Smooth
Anutha cool ANSi
by Smooth of ACiD
roductions 1994
Freefall taken from GEN 13 4
Just for the Phuken Phun of it all... Hawaiis Finest
Art Board
is back and in Lihvin Collah. Puttin out the Phat
St-eye-l of World Reknown ANSi and Rip Ahtists in the
Smooth ACiD
Dungeon 2 . Runnin Da Latest Verzion of Oblivion/2
Main Dude - Smooth . Da Utha Dude - DimeBag
A C i D H a w a i i O u t p
o s t
DARK Distro Site - Paranoia Pacific Hq- Lancelot
EMiGRE Mag Hq . TekLordZ Whq. Terbium Dist
iFXnet Whq - FederationNet HI Hub
Hawaiis Best Ahrt, Demo, and EMag System in the Pahc
Greetz go out to : RaD Man, ReDMaN, Somms, T2, Tasmaniac, Freak, Al
ter Ego,
Lord Jazz and Eternal Lie.
Carnifex- Thanks for the Greetz in da DARK pack homee.
Alter Ego - Loved the Eleventh Dungeon Two ANSi man.