The Phunk Palace by Terminator2
The Phunk Palace by Terminator2
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A lone, caped man appear
before the gates of a great
structure. Gesturing once
with his hands, a
light green
hue began to glow about the
gate. Steadily, the green
light glowed brighter
yet even bright
er. With
another gesture of hands
the light green color turns
to a shade of yellow. Then
suddenly, an explosion
A fla
sh of light later,
the gate no
longer stands in
the way of
this shadowy figure.
ing to himself, the
man walked forth into the
An arrow brushed the mans
left s
houlder as it streaked
by with lightning speed.
The man jumped to his right,
olled along the pavement,
and came u
p with his hands in
casting position
. Another
arrow streaked by. This time
e man caught a glimpse of
his assailant. The man moved
his ri
ght hand towards his
opponent. As he did so
streaks of magic energ
y shot
forth from his finger
Magic missiles assulted the
archer. Massive amounts of
energy race
d through his body,
stiffening his limbs, th
burning his fl
esh to a crisp.
The hooded figure stood from
his crouching position and
chuckled. An erie music is
heard from a distance as
stood within . . .
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