Taste For Destruction
Well, here I am in the third pack, struggling again to make it decent.
Calling everyone who doesnt have their texts done, to make SURE they have them
done. I love this. This text was inspired by a VERY good friend of mine, Andy
L. You know who you are, well this morning you gave me some good advice and it
will show in my work. This text deals with the creation of basic destruction
devices that can be VERY usefull for any Anarchist. I hope you enjoy and
extensivelly use these concoctions. Well enough shit from me.....here I go!!
1. Thermite - This is a very usefull powdered substance. This powder can give
up to 2200C half the heat of an ATOM bomb. It can be used to
melt through pretty much anything. Things such as fortress fones
pay phones or common locks are no match for thermite, which is
the reason it is used by professional thieves so extensively!!
A. Ingredients.....
1. 10 grams of powdered aluminum
2. 10 grams of iron oxide rust
3. Magnesium Strip
B. Procedure.....
1. Basically just mix the two substances together, until as homogenous
as possible.
2. Can be made in larger/smaller amounts as long as ratio of 50/50 is
C. Igniting.....
1. Lit with a magnesium strip.
** Thermite is perfect for getting into things that have locks....
2. Molotov Bomb - Also reffered to as a cocktail bomb, is a very simple yet
effective explosive. Is used ALOT in guerilla warfare or
common rebellions. Will produce a good amount of fire!!!
A. Ingredients.....
1. Gasoline
2. Bottle
B. Procedure.....
1. Fill one bottle 3/4 full of gasoline.
2. Insert a gasoline soaked rag into the bottle jam the top of the
bottle with it. Be sure to leave about 15 inches of excess rag to
3. Light and toss.
C. Igniting.....
1. Any lighter or match will light gasoline.
** This was used by Russians and later adapted by the French in the second
world war against German tanks. they would open the hatch, light the rag and
toss it in!! Gasoline can be replaced with just about any flammable!!!
3. Tennis Ball Grenades - A small impact grenade.
A. Ingredients.....
1. Tennis Balls
2. Sandpaper
3. LOTS of match heads
4. Blackpowder or Gunpowder reccomended
5. Duct Tape
B. Procedure.....
1. Cut a small square hole in a tennis ball about 5cm sides
2. Coat the side of the inside of the ball with sand paper.
3. Fill the ball with match heads preferrably wooden ones.
4. Slide in some more sand paper slowly
5. Pour in gun or black powder.
6. Will ignite on impact!!!
C. Ignition......
1. Will ignite on impact.
** Are great when being chased, whipping directly at your pursuiter is a GREAT
way to deviate him from his tracks!!!
4. Smoke Bomb 1 - Generate a GREAT amount of smoke!!!
A. Ingredients.....
1. 6 grams of Zinc Powder
2. 1 gram of Sulphur Powder
B. Procedure.....
1. Just mix the two parts together.
2. Can be made in different quantities as long as the 6 to 1 ratio is
C. Ignition.....
1. Insert a RED hot wire, and it should start producing smoke!!!
** Perfect for a fire at school or to make your own smoke bombs.
5. Smoke Bomb 5 - Generate EVEN MORE smoke!!!
A. Ingredients.....
1. Potassium Nitrate
2. Icing Sugar
B. Procedure.....
1. Grind up both until they are minute specks.
2. Mix together with one part Potassium Nitrate and four parts Icing
C. Ignition.....
1. Use any normal fuse.
** Perfect for schools.....
6. Makeshift Delay Wick - Perfect for anything with a wick!
A. Ingredients.....
1. Wick
2. Any explosive
3. A cigarette
B. Procedure.....
1. Cut the wick in half.
2. Cut the filter off of the cigarette.
3. Insert one of the wicks into the front of the cigarette.
4. Insert the other into the cigarette this wick should be attached to
the explosive
5. Should look like.....
*1 *2 *3 *4
*1 - The first wick which you will light....
*2 - The cigarette which is attached to both wicks....
*3 - The second wick relays flame from cigarette to explosive....
*4 - The explosive....
C. Ignition.....
1. Light the first wick and the flame will eventually get to explosive.
** If you dont know how this delay wick works then to put it bluntly youre
stupid but for you morons heres how it works. When you light the first wick,
it will burn up to the cigarette.....which will be lit. The flame on the
cigarette will reach the end of the cigarette and light the second wick which
should be about a centimeter into the cigarette and which in turn will light
the explosive. So as you can see, this is a small, cheap and long delay wick.
The delay can be adjusted by the size of the cigarette. Sometimes if there is
no wind the cigarette will not light. But I have yet to see this happen.
7. Flamethrower Gas - HIGHLY flammable
A. Ingredients.....
1. Calcium Carbide
2. Water
B. Procedure.....
1. Mix the two together!!!
2. Will form acetylene VERY flammable, used for blowtorches
C. Ignition.....
1. Just mix!!!
** This can be very valuable, for instance, try having a lit match over the
concoction step back!!!
8. Napalm - Thickened...powered up....gasoline!!!
A. Ingredients.....
1. Unleaded Gasoline
2. Polystyrine also known as styrofoam
B. Procedure.....
1. Mix the two together until the gas is saturated wont take anymore
2. Leave it for 5 minutes and MAKE SURE it wont take anymore, for
sometimes after sitting there for a bit, it takes more.
C. Ignition.....
1. Pour and light!!!
** This is a very usefull chemical, for it burns like a bitch!!! But the smoke
and gas that it releases are poisonous, so be carefull!!!
Well, thats all for this text file. I know its very basic and is for the
beginning home chemist. As for you pros out there...theres already tons of
great texts on how to make complicated and HIGH impact explosives!!! So I hope
you enjoyd the text and start using these ideas, you can read as many texts as
you want but until you start to use the recipes youve never really felt the
undescribable feeling which youll aquire from seeing something being utterly
destroyed!!! All of the recipes that are listed in this text are relatively
safe considering you use common sense and have been all executed by myself.
So have fun and hopefully youll aquire a Taste For Destruction lame closing!
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10. You know who you are - Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm.....tasting sweeter then evah!!!
Heheheheh nigger.....time for you to die.....HEIL HITLAH...DIE!!!!
-Anarchial Artist 94