By: Obi Wan Kenobi
Ah yes.. winter. Time of when the bitter cold bites your face. People
scurrying through the streets to escape the blast of the bitter cold upon
their face. For they know it is a time of terror, as they huddle into shelters
to escape the coldness.. as ne1 would to escape an Anarchist.
Yes my friends.. winter is a time of terror and anarchy. Let it be your
strenghth... not your weakness.. use the force of this friend, and strike
terror upon all fags!!! whoops.. different text.. hehe
All right, cut the spooky talk... whatever Alrite.. since it is now
January, and its winter time.. its time to learn to cause some effective
terror with coldness, snow.. ands the most powerfull.. ICE!!! Yes.. that
means sliiping cars, and falling old geezers! So gear up on thick clothes
and pull out your buckets of water.. its time to cause some TERROR!!!
1: Heres a COOL little idea to make instant hellfire that can spread fer
blocks! this is much easier to do if you can drive and have a car.. well
who cares if ya can drive or not... just as long as ya got a car. Alrite,
go drive upto a gas station around like 2 in the mornin or whatever, so that
you and the guy behind the cash register are the only people there. Bring
a couple bottles of water. Now start pouring it all over the spot were your
car is parked rite infront of a gas hose, and were other cars would park
to get gas. Now if the guy behind the register asks what yer doin, tell
him yer cleanin yer car. Once hes gone, keep pourin lotsa water all over
the place. make sure its a real cold day now leave and come back the next
mornin, and watch as a car tries to park to get gas, but slips outta control,
and slams into the gas pumps! BAAAAM!!!! Now get the phuck outta their fast!
Unless you want yer ass to be as ugly as that guys face is gonna be once its
all charred up!
2: Why not scare the shit outta those faggit ass catolic skools that are
the kind of pussy type skools? Only the pussy ones though.. some catholic
skools are o.k. Ok.. these dip shits probably made a nice friendly little
snowman, rite? Well lets make a satanic ritual of it! Durin lunch period,
get a whole bunch of friends together, pour gasoline all over the snowman,
light it on fire, and start a satanic dance around it! The teachers will
come out to stop you, but just keep praisin the word of satan or whatever,
and just keep makin all sortsa bullshit about how satan rules and stuff..
but run like a bitch when the cops come. Ive seen this done before and it
scared the shit outta every1 in the skool!
3: Hey, weve all heard of Frosty the Snowman rite? Well why not make a
Roadkill the Snowman? Yah! Just go grab three road kills off a street,
or if there aint ne.. get in yer car and make yer own! or just beat the
shit outta ne animal. Preferably get things like rabbits, raccoons, skunks,
cats, and other animals of that size or so. Now roll one road kill up in
snow, and use it as the bottom of the snowman. Now roll up the other two
dead animals and stack it up like a snowman.. Now use things like dead bird
feet for eyes, and so.. be creative! Now just think of the next faggity
little kids that come and knock down the snowman. Theyll be screamin in
terror and start trippin out! Now just go chuck the corpses of the animals
on peoples porches, mail boxes, roof.. etc.
4: Pour water all over your neighbours porch. Now watch the next morning as
mrs Hankins steps out to get her paper, as she slips and cracks her 200
year old fuckin skull on the porch!
5: Heres a way to make one of the most painfull snowballs. Go make a couple
dozen snowballs. Pack em down real good. Now cover em with things like
Javex, bleach, window cleaner, and ne other chemical that can cause
excrutiating pain. Now put in in your freezer for a while so the shit
sticks to your snowball. Now the next time some punk challenges you to a
snowball fight, grab yer chemical snowballs. Once ya nail him, all the
shit will go in his eyes, mouth and hands, so when he wipes his eyes with
his hands, hell be even puttin more bleach and stuff in his eyes! Haha! the
phucker asked fer it!!
6: Do you live on a sloped hill street? Man.. you wont believe the chaos you
can cause on a streets thats on a hill! One night, just go out with your
trusty waterhose, or bash open a firehydrant. Now let the water run down
the road or sidewalk easier on sidewalk, less space to cover.the water
will freeze all over the road and sidewalk. Now watch the next morning as
Mrs. Bitchly the old hag from the bottom of the street tries to walk up..
laugh as the bitch slips and slides the sidewalk and cracks her skull on
Mr. Wiggins old 1970 dodge. Or if ya covered the street this can be tough.
Theres lotsa street to cover imagine all the cars slipping and sliding
down yer street and knockin over innocent little children! hahaha!
Well, this ends another text file.. i humbly apologize for its length and
lack of quantity.. but i just couldnt come up with nemore ideas for this
specific topic.. kinda like writers block. Well ill be compensating for this
by having roughly 3 or 4 texts for the next release.. but the text writers
here at AA are really bein pressured, SO WED APPRECIATE SOME FUCKIN GODDAM
Ahh... glad thats outta my system... : l8s!
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have 1 text per release?!!!
And to all anarchists and terrorists everwhere.
Finishing Date: Jan. 21, 1994