Here we go are you ready for another??? AA is kickin ass with another
discover.....nice little rap.....heard it from some wigger before I set fire to
his RAGGA ass. This is yet the fourth text in this pack from me and theres more
to come.....damn, this packs gonna be good. So if the other members get up to
speed. Hell this pack will kick absolute ass, we may have the MOST texts ever
in a text pack, there is a possiblity that we could reach 20 big ones in this
pack...shit this will rock. The reader will also be included with this pack,
not to mention some nice VGAs done by some new members. As for this text, well
it has to do with ALL the Anarchial and NOT SO NICE things that one could do on
a nice road.....or a busy freeway. So read on so we can stop the movement of
the democratic, pig like ways of the everyday mutha fuckin suburbanite. So
read on, and WRECK on!!!
1. Setting a WALL of fire around the corner is a hillarious thing to see when
some MUTHA fuckah cars drive through it and be freaked out of there mind. Most
of them will stop and try and see what the problem is.....then thyll go
another way. Of course theres always the super suburbanite who will put it out
with his feet. Well taking potshots at assholes like that is funny. That
should send him diving for the car. Just pour gas across the street a nice
line and then light for a decent fire wall.
2. Lighting off smoke bombs on the road is great for when you wanna make HEAVY
traffic into a S L O W crawl. Set off a half decent smoke bomb or if ya
want a REAL good one then chek out my Appetite For Destruction text on a good
road where it will gain ALOT of attention. Most people will not drive through
it, for fear of getting lost on a fucking road!!, these people are the most
fun. Just shoot at their car with pellet or BB guns, or of course if yer REALLY
high, use a .45. For an added attraction detonate a landmine in the road before
using the smoke bomb, so what youll have is a smoke screen and a nice big hole
in the middle of it. This will get the stupid assholes REALLY scared. Theyll
be stuck in smoke some people get spooked over the stupidest things and will
be freaked out of ther mind. If you want you could always slash the tires and
hurl bricks through the station wagons windows while they sit their,
unsuccesfully spinning their tires in attempt to get out of the hole.
3. Using a good pair of wirecutters you can attempt the following project. Go
cutting up those stupid grey metal link fences. Cut them everywhere you can
think of until youve got shitloads of the shit. Then just make your own fence,
using rope and LOTS of duct tape, connect the fencing to both sides of the
road. Using the following diagram of how I have done it will hopefully help
you on your quest.
------ *3
1. Tennis Court with black plastic chain link fencing
2. Home
3. Wooden Fence
4. Fence Across Road
So as you can see, its VERY easy to do and is WELL worth the time once you
see the losers faces when they run into the stupid fence. Itll be so funny
when you see these ASSHOLE faggits face as they go SLAMMING into the fence, the
chain links cutting up the car and killing the paint. Oooo what fun!!!
4. Setting up a GREAT amount of cantrips on any road is always PHUN for the
everyday Anarchist. Just fill the road with things like turned up nails, tacks,
glass shards, broken windows and any other things that would pop tires and is
sharp. This will usually lead to the ending of some losers tires and their
trip. So just sit and enjoy.
5. This little assignment that Im about to give to do is known to the AA
attack crew as car mauling. What you do is find a straight stretch of road
where most people drive at a relatively slow speed. Now get about 5-7 friends
to line up along the road. Each armed with the latest and greatest in long
range car wrecking devices. Use things such as flaming arrows, flaming darts,
tennis ball grenades, firebombs, eggs, smoke bombs and all sorts of VERY
usefull things to wreck cars. Start off with things such as the eggs and tennis
ball grenades and the firebombs. Then by the end of the road start plowing the
losers with flaming darts and arrows. They will be in such a state of panice
and paranoia they may just have a collision.....but we can only hope!!!
6. Making a maze of landmines in a road will surely cause MEGA chaos to the fag
losers who manage to come upon them. Have fun watching them blow out their
tires as the car is nicely jolted. This will be hillarious as other cars drive
around that car, only to stumble upon another landmine. What fun itll be to
take pictures of your string of stalled and unmovable cars with no working
tires. The pigs and towing agencies ll have a field day!!!!
7. Instead of wasting your ever so precious time building land mines when you
could just fake it??? Placing little flags all over the road with a nice words
LANDMINE on them, under some of the flags you can put a landmine, and well
just put some flags there as means of police paranoia. This will have the
police scanning all over the place and calling in bomb squads for some help,
this will probably cause MEGA paranoia all over the city, with stupid ass
reports like If you see any of these flags near you call the police
IMMEDIATELY!!. This will be wrecking paranoia ALL OVER the city!!! So you can
have fun by planting these stupid things EVERYWHERE, schoolyards, roads,
parking lots and anywhere where theyll draw attention, of course you dont
need to put mines under them, the paranoia will be enough!! And when people
dont bother calling the pigs anymore, start putting real MINES under the
flags....that should rekindle the flame.....oh what torment!!!
8. Icing a particular tight curve with warm water in the middle of the
morning about 3-4 am will certainly cause its share of spills for the
everyday motorist. Get a good amount of it preferrably warm and just douse
any good street corner in the night, and come morning time the cars will be
slipping and sliding like a Water Park.
9. Using a crowbar, you and a couple friends can go down your local sidestreets
looking for manhole covers and removing them!!! Do this from about 10 in the
night from 3 in the morning. Cars that decide to take a midnight stroll along
their street will end up taking an unexpected dip in the road. This is SO funny
when the lame fucks cant get out, and are too tired to figure out just what
the fuck happened!!!
10. Making your own personal roadblocks is one of my personal favourite things
to do, in attempt to stop traffic. Just stockpile all kinds of things along the
front of the road. Things such as trees, sticks, lumber, signposts, small
children and any other things that you could think of will be great for
blocking the mechanical path. For extra fun you could wrap barb wire around the
blockade or set it ablaze for phun!!!
1. Kara L. - You???? Me???? Nevah!!!!
2. Obi Wan Kenobi - Menongitis??? Hadta hurt.....
3. Guile - T-Shirts.....hmmmm sounds wick.
4. HLSS - Latah you lame fuckah of a skool.....
5. HLSS Rock Ons - Yes, ALL your allowances will be comin my way!!!
6. Aashiish B. - I AM THE BUSINESS!!!
7. Turner Fenton - Welcome yet another AA member!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!
8. Kats - What happened???
9. Amberlee - Dont even think about it.....HOE!!
10. Niggaz - Pleeze....Hip Hop in the year 2000.....NOT!!!
11. IND Spiff - Nice pak man.....
12. INC - Nuff fake releases boyz.....
13. D-Pac - I will RULE you!!!
14. Grendel - were talking about a conference???
15. Lyd - Yer soo sad......Violent Femme right??
16. Drone Fly - Contact me!!!
Well, that about ends this text file. Weve overworked ourselves this time
with this pack. Already we have G R I N D E D out enough texts to release this
pack, but we will still be cranking them out!!! But thats us at AA, we never
stop. Here we sit in our small cubicles cranking out texts until our knuckles
bleed or until our chicks call, as the text drivers go by on the coveyor
belts, whipping us to get back to work. But enough of the AA WHQ babble from
me, you dont care about the pain we suffer as we are constantly forced to
drive VAST amounts of texts while those asshole senior members sit on their....
The Anarchial Arists has been clubbed with a lead pipe this is the
end of his text, well try and dig up a quote for you Anarchists.
-Senior Staff Note
Hey the schools on fire....uh oh its dying.....GET SOME GAS QUICK!!!
-Anarchial Artist 94