Beneath the dark castle, the masses pull closer to
the ebony palace until upon reaching the flaming
pedestal, where the great one will arise. ANARCHY
the bellow, millions of people...speaking as one.
On top of one another, some foaming at the mouth,
they bellow the word of power.....together, united
as one....ANARCHY, they scream. With a bright flash
and an ear shattering boom, a dark figure appears at
the helm of the pedestal. A tall being, wearing all
black with the power symbol engraved on the right of
his chest, raises his hand for silence. And for that
split second....not a word was spoken. All ears await
the preachings of the great one, as he stands before
the his pedestal. We, the Anarchists
Anonymous have come.... said the man, in a bellowing
voice....echoing to all of the globe. We have
returned from our land to bring you the preachings of
our clan. I....the Anarchial Artist has brought to
you.....Text Pack 4. With those words the crowd
broke into great cheers and cries of joy, on top of
each other they climbed, in attempt to be the first
to read the scribes of the Anarchists Anonymous.
Without warning fires suddenly burst alive in the crowds
a spontaneous combustion of enormous strength. Many,
engulfed in the black flames.....most staring wildly
at the display of force. As all eyes returned to the
Anarchial Artist, they realized he was gone....and in
his place a scroll. Take it, and spread its word.
boomed a voice, from above. As all turned to the
clouds, they caught a brief glance of the four
prophets gazing over the mortals....The Anarchial
Artist, Guile, Obi Wan Kenobi and Purple Tentacle.
And without a second thought of the visit from their
god, the masses rushed the palace, to read the newly
aquired scribes of The Anarchists Anonymous......
ANSi - Purple Tentacle
Text - Anarchial Artist