Random Anarchy
Well, shit here we are at the FOURTH AA text pack. The third one had kind of
a very late release, but we were intending to squeeze in a reader, but to no
avail. Anyways, now as we release the fourth pack complete with reader, we
at AA are growing. But, Ill leave that juicy shit for the info file, let me
get down to the text, which has to do with RANDOM Anarchy. This should be a
LARGE text file, since it has no real topic.....and is just random Anarchy.
This text deals with ALL points of Anarchy which dont fit into a specific
topic which is ALOT of things, and should be very imformative and cruel! But
enuff shit with me...on with the text....
1. Signposts on some assholes front porch is always hillarious!! Things such as
no exit are always fun when leaned up on someones door. Just set it up at
the doorstep and then R I N G the doorbell the next assumable step would be
jetting. Watch as the stupid fucks start to panic, some assholes will put the
god damned thing back, and others will laugh!!! Signs such as stop leaned to
face away from someones door are a HUGE laugh, not to mention a falling rocks
sign on someones patio.
2. A tank of gas and a cold and boring night can go a long way. Setting fires
to various things such as poles, doors, signs, parks, dumpsters, windows, snow
and ANYTHING you can think of. Setting fire to snow is amazing to watch, for it
is like a blue flame jumping back and forth on the snow!!!
3. Shooting out someones windows isnt very imaginative, but VERY costly, and
just think....after you do that....you could throw all kinds of shit at the
fags inside. Things such as tennis ball grenades, moloctov bombs, napalm,
flaming darts and many other things are all great ideas.
4. Ah, the wonders of thermite, the possibilities of this shit are endless.
What cant you do with shit thatll burn up to 3500 C 6000 F!!! This shit
will easily melt through most locks, shit such as fortress fones, no problem. So
imagine what you the little Anarchist can do with your readily available
thermite. You could burn a nice big nazi symbol onto the hood of a car, or how
about what this shit would do to school doors....imagine!!!! The following is
how to make thermite fuckin easy!!.
- 10 grams of Powdered Iron Oxide.
- 10 grams of Powdered Aluminum.
Well, there is really no proper way to make thermite, basically just
mix the two substance and make them as homogenous as possible. This is a very
easy task and can be done by any two year old. The ratio is 50 / 50 based on
weight. The mixture can be made in different masses, as long as the ratio is
kept at a balance ex: 30 grams of each substance.
Just, when you thought, finally a chemical for dumb people, think
again. Thermite is a MEGA bitch to ignite. It is done using the following
1. Stick a magnesium strip in the thermite
2. Step back and light with blowtorch
3. When strip reaches thermite, the thermite will ignite.
4. Enjoy!!!
NOTE: Thermite is obviously very stable, for it is such a bitch to light, so
dont worry about transportation of the shit.
5. Epoxying locks of peoples homes, car doors, schools and any other possible
lock that you can find is ALWAYS fun. You can piss yourself watching the
suburbanite FAGGITZ trying to get into their doors, as they mumble about how it
must be the damn cold weather!!!
6. Using an adjustable wrench is always fun. Those can be easily lifted from
your shop class. Now with your new wrench just walk around everywhere you can
think of dismantling EVERYTHING you can think of. Go ALL around malls, houses,
schools, buses and everything else you can think of and unscrew tons of shit.
This ll be hillarious. In one shop class me and two friends decided that
bridge building sucked and by the end of the class had all the unmounted
desks off their screws in the ground, we then started picking them up and
moving them around the room!!
7. Using various bombs that have been made in your spare time, you can blow
holes, no, CHUNKS out of tennis courts. If youre really good youll be able to
blow craters out of the courts. This ll be hillarious as Parks And Rec try to
fix it up, and even more funny when some loser faggits try to play!!!
8. Many streets nowaydays have those LARGE mailboxes which have a small slot
for each house. This is to save the mailmen time and to save the goverment
money. Well this can be used to every Anarchists advangtage. These mailboxes
are complete pieces of shit quality wise, and can be cut open very easily.
Well, what dumb fuck is gonna put mail in a mailbox that cant be shut. So
what you do is cut out through the metal, and cut a square for each box. But
do it at the back, so the mailman will not suspect anything. You should have
cut them so you have a small metal square for each box, well cut them out and
them place them back in place, so the mailman wont see that there is a hole
in the back of each cubicle. So once the mailman has delivered the mail and is
well out of sight, run up to the box with concealing clothes on and punch out
all of the boxes, and grab the mail. Now, youre probably thinking...what the
fuck am I gonna do with mail. Well alot of interesting things can be done
with mail. Take the cheques, blackmail the faggit. All sorts of things. But the
best is yet to come, each of these mail boxes has a BIG cubicle to hold
packages, well if you start to intercept them...hehehehehe....all kinds of free
shit!!! Have fun....
9. This is very similar to number eight, but slightly differed. This is the
same idea but is to be preformed in those big red mailboxes in which you send
mail. Well, ALOT of mail will be much easier intercepted by you. This can be
done by slicing a HUGE hole in the back of it, or you could just reach in. I
suggest the latter idea. All you really have to do is reach in and grab a
handful of shit and dumb em in a bag. If you need to you could always use
salad tongs to pick up deep mail. I suggest three people for this, one to grab
one to hold a garbage bag and the other to perform lookout. This is best done
at early morning hours.
10. Still wanna fuck with the mail huh??? Well, a real good way to ruin ALOT of
letters is simple. You could just throw in a cocktail bomb and they would all
be alight, or you could pour a bit of gas down the slot and throw in a match.
These are all fun ways to make sure that your report card never gets sent home!
11. Lockers at school are the perfect place to set off bombs of smoke bombs, or
just set fires. But of course what fucking idiot would do it in his own fucking
locker, so you need to do it someone elses. Yet, alas, no fag will let you use
his locker for bomb testing, so youre going to have to use it...without him
volunteering. Well you probably havent noticed the fact that most lockers have
what appears to be a grate at the foot bottom of the locker. This is just
some metal with holes in it, thus resembling a grate. Well a few good kicks
will usually send those crashing in and thus you have a nice size slit at the
bottom of the locker. This can be used for all of the above things like bomb
testing, fire starting and especially smoke bomb testing definetly result in
a fire drill.
12. Clogging up your favourite assholes cars tailpipe with shit such as first
a banana and then wet toilet paper then paper and then more wet toilet paper.
This will end up with SERIOUS exhaust fumes in the car and the fag wont know
it until hes breathing them!!!
13. Heres a way to SERIOUSLY fuck up cars. Around a half decent turn, where
the cars cant see whats up the turn, do the following. Cut loose or unravel
a tennis net from a tennis court and do the following. Take the net and hook
it up so that it strectches across a road. It will probably be very tightly
stretched and if a car at a good speed has a run in with this outstretched net,
well theyll either drive into it and then be propelled back or will snap the
net and go driving with a tennis net on their car. I have only seen the latter
happen to any cars, but the first possibility will happen depending on the car
size. The area where I set up the nets has a nice weak fence behind it, so if
the car snaps back it goes SLAMMING into the fence.
14. Make a large amount of tennis ball bombs see recipe below and replace
them at some poor bastards tennis match. This way once the man who swings the
racket first will be face to face with a large and unexpected blast and will
probably do some minor damage.
15. Weve all had fun with those model rocket engines, that you can buy at any
hobby shop, well heres a few more ideas for that clay. For those of you who
are stumped when I talk about the rocket engine clay, heres what ya do. Get a
model rocket engine from a hobby shop. They come in grades such as A or B. Well
the bigger the better. Now cut open the brown shell that the clays in. And get
all that hard clay and ground it up until its a nice fine powder, not set it
on fire.....see what I mean??? This shit goes up like a minature nuclear bomb!!
It only lasts a second, but will scare the living shit out of someone. Now
just think of all the fun you can have with these. You could replace the sand
in mall ashtrays with it, or put a good amount on the end of some fucks smokes.
What fun you could have. The possibilities with this shit are endless!!!
Damn, that went fast. Well so far I have three texts in the works for this text
pack and theyre all a GOOD size. So, this pack is like the rest gonna rock.
This pack should have the reader complete in the pack, plus a nice intro from
one of us at AA. An interesting thing happened today. While working on a text,
I get a fone call from Lord Sauron. Well we all remember sometime in the works
of pack two Lord Sauron acted against AA and was forever condemmed from the AA
rankings. Well now Sauron wants back into the rankings of AA, well there is no
way in hell he will EVER be in our group while Im alive. But we will watch him
and watch him squibble to get in the group. Well keep you updated!!!
1. Lord Sauron - You?? Back?? I dont fuckin think so....
2. Future Crew - 2 MEG INTRO??? Wowsers!!!
3. FOX 29 - Give it up you lame fuck.....
Reach out and C R U S H someone!?!?!?
-Anarchial Artist 94