Yur an anarchist, right? RIGHT? NO? Del this phyle now lamer.. But if you are
HEY! Heres your BIG BOOK o PROJECTILES! tm Got your arsenal ready?
The Purpose Behind Projectiles
Come on! Everyone knows the answer to this one! Projectiles are for one thing
only.... and that is.... DESTRUCTION, o coz! What is a projectile? Well acordin
to Websters it is:
pro-jectile pre-jektil n. a missile, as a bullet.
Thats the proper definition but is rather limited I feel. After all, every
anarchist knows that a projectile is anything that can be directed at a target
from a distance. This includes everything from your bullets or pellets
to your little shit brother From an apropriate height of coz to that rock
you found by the side of the road just a second ago. What are these good for?
Well as stated before... DESTRUCTION! DESTRUCTION! Or creating disorder...
Like droping a bank vault thru the Eatons Centre roof, into the security
office!! heh heh
A Quick Guide! AQG
Ok. You realise that for your next anachial caper yur gonna need a few
projectile weapons. You imediately go out and pay 200 for a handgun offa
the street.... NOT.. Well, unless you feel the need to do that...
Why not BUILD what you need? After all, you always get more satisfaction
out of it that way, and it cant be traced! See any of varied texts on
making your own handguns In particular HANDGUNS.ZIP, or pick up a copy of
The Poor Mans James Bond if you need one cheap. Heres AQGc1994,
to help you decide what kinda projectile weapon you need, to give you an idea
of whatz avaliable and some information on projectile weapons as well.
The Rocktm
Your basic primitive weapon. This thing has proven its uses throughout time!
Ever since the first caveman said UGH! grabbed a boulder and bashed in his
neighbours skull have we used rocks as an improvised and untracable weapon.
It can be used to bonk, bash, wack, thunk and thrash. Its also phun to whip
thru windows Help old man Jenkins start a rock collection! or at retards
and fagots Hey! JERRY! CATCH! WHAP! Oops.. Sorry.. Should have said TURN AROUND
AND CATCH! eheheh
Description: Well.... Its a rock, stupid!
Advantages: - Pick em anywhere! At a moments notice!
- Lots avaliable!
- No licensing requirments!
- Cant get in shit for having a rock Pet rock officer!
- Untracable
- Versitile Use for caving peoples skulls in, breakin windows,
chucking at pig cruisers! Use your imagination!
- Inexpensive Actually, free!
- Good crushing dammage if you really get behind it
Disadvantages: - Short range Unless youre like, Babe Ruth er sumpthin
- Relatively innacurate depends on person
- You cant carry too many around. These phuckers are HEAVY!
- Not at all menacing! Look out man! I gotta ROCK! HA!
- No power at extended ranges Like 20 feet
Overall: Well its free, convinient and has been proven effective by the
test of time.... What else can I say?
Sling Shit Er.. Shot!
Yes folks, you know what a sling shot is.. Everyone carries or has one of these
handy little devils lying around somewhere. Even Denis the Mennis had one
and used it to GREAT effect Yes.. I suspect he was a junior anarchist at
heart! Best of all, you can even make them out of a stick and an elastic
Description: A Y shaped support with an elastic material stretched between
the arms of the Y.. Like so:
------ Shotcup
//---- Elastic
- Arms
--- Grip
*-Drawring is not to scale
Note the small cup in the middle of the arms, to hold whatever projectile
you are using.
Advantages: - Small Easily concealable, and easy to pack around too!
- No licensing needed Ex. Not illegal
- Redily Avaliable You can get them ANYWHERE! I personally
got the Canadian Tire 10.00 one. It also has a folding
wrist support on it, for added power
- CHEAP! Like I said, 10.00 at Canadian Trash. You can get
more powerful ones, but they cost more
- Versitility of Ammo Its cheap, and you can use ANYTHING in
a slingshot. You can buy the shot in .25 and .38 calibre
or just use rocks, marbles, ball bearings, small bits of
garbage boiled eggs etc, or little animals like rats!
- Fairly quiet operation
- You can pack LOTS of ammo. Or just pick more up!
Disadvantages: - Limited range Like I can hit stuff at MAYBE 15-20 feet unless
its real big
- Need lots of practise to be any good with them
- Inherantly innacurate No Sharp Shooting with these babies!
- That punk cop chasing you isnt going to scream in terror
when you turn around and dramatically pull your sling
shot on him.
Overall: Slingshots are good if you just need to hit a large target Ex.
some fathead you hate at close range and you dont have the
cash for something better. Unfortuantely you gotta practice up,
and theyre not menacing.
Pellet/BB Gun! YAY!
Pellet guns and BB guns are cool! For one thing, it HURTS LIKE HELL when you
take a hit from a BB gun and even more from a pellet gun! First off, whats
the difference between a pellet gun and a BB gun you ask? Well a BB gun fires
a spherical .177 cal projectile usually at around 300 Feet/Second FPS or
less Pellet guns fire either .177 or .22 cal pellets, and you can get them
right up to 500 FPS without a permit, or higher but you need your FAC since
they count as firearms. Or just rip on off, eh? Pellets are also shaped
projectiles Look like little spades so they pentrate better and have
better ballistics than the BBs.
Desription: These suckers look just like real firearms BONUS! for the most
part except they have a little tinny hole in the end but since
no-one in this country knows shit about guns chances of this
being noticed are NIL Especially with the .22 pellet guns!
P/BB guns come in two varities: Rifle and Handgun YES!
The rifles are more accurate, but are not concealable.
Most rifles will be single pumps. You can get them in repeater
or single shots. I have a crossman lever action that I got
a few years ago at Home Hardware for just 29.95+tax. It looks
just like a lever action rifle, and holds 100 BBs inside it.
I also have a chinese pellet gun that I got at a sporting goods
store for 32.00+tax. The pellet gun is VERY accurate. Unfortuantely
it is of the single shot break open type, and takes about 5 seconds
to reload. It does however, fire .22 pellets at damned near 500 FPS,
making it a good short range under 50 yards sniping weapon for
taking out dogs etc. May no kill them unless you get a good head
shot but theyll feel it for a while. The other pellet gun I have
is a crossman .357 magnum revolver look alike. This is my favorite.
It looks JUST like a real revolver, and has all the features. You
can carry extra cylinders with you for quick reloads and is
avaliable with both 10 and 8 round cylinders. Its CO2 operated, and
was quite cheap You can get them for 69.00, or 89.00 for the
one with both 4 and 8 barrel at Canadian Tire It fires
pellets as fast as you can pull the trigger bonus! is quick
to reload, and fires at just under 500 FPS. It can be used with
a normal handgun holster and is quite accurate, especially if you
get the optional scope for it 22.00, Canadian Tire
Advantages: - Again, no licensing requirements
- Quieter than a regular gun But louder than a sling shot
- Much more accurate than a slingshot, especially with a scope
- Less expensive than a normal gun But then again, you ripped
yours off, didnt you? :
- Ammo is cheap, and avaliable almost anywhere.
- You can carry LOTS of ammo around with you
- MUCH more menacing and painfull than a slingshot. Pulling
a .357 and cocking the hammer Get in a Dirty Harry line
here too! will definately stop some asshole in his tracks!
Then you can tie him up and have some REAL phun.. Teach him
to chase you!
Disadvantages: - More expensive than a sling shot
- You MUST have the right kind of ammo
- Larger than a sling shot
- Youre not going to ditch it as easily as you would a
slingshot if youre being chased
- You ever pull one on a cop, and theres a good chance hell
return fire. Altho, those pigs cant hit a brick shit house
while theyre on the hole anyhows!
- Get caught with it youre in more shit
Overall: Better than a slingshot for longer range shots, accuracy is improved
as well. Unfortuanely youll get in more shit if caught with one,
and if you have to buy one they can get expensive. You also cant
really improvise ammo too much and theyre larger than a SS generally.
Handguns are great! Highly effective depending on calibre, easily concealable
and theyve got range. Unfortuantely they tend to get expensive, loud, and
you gotta have EXACTLY the right ammo for them. You also get 5 years in prision
Supposedly if you get caught with one. You also need a permit yah right to
own one, and have to go thru alot of shit Jane and Finch to pick one up.
Of coz, those rules are made by the govt, so well just ignore them. If you
arent willing to do that, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU READING THIS TEXT?
Description: Any gun which fires a projectile moving in excess of 500 FPS,
is designed to be fired with one hand, and has a barrel shorter
than 16 inches. Yeppee. What do they consider the .50 AE
Desert Eagle with a 17 barrel? Yup.. sa handgun! Neways...
Advantages: - Generally easily concealable Were talking about like a
little .25, .32, or 9mm.. Not a .45 colt here!
- Much longer effective range than any of the previously
mentioned toys. Still only 50 yards max tho. Unless you get
into the big magnums
- ALOT more knockdown power than previous weapons heh.. Use
HOLLOWPOINTS, and Hi-cap magazines! EWW! Those are illegal,
you say!
- Much more intimidating than previous weapons.
- If you have to, you can actually shoot at? someone.
Or.. If you just feel like it! Hold up a few pigs, get
yourself a coupla nice little Glock 22s!
- Weight MUCH lighter than a rifle
- VERY easy to get illegally
Disadvantages: - Illegal to own without permit, definately illegal to
carry/fire anywhere but a range Woop-tee-doo!
- LOUD! VERY VERY LOUD. And everyone know what a gunshot
sounds like, and will prolly call the cops if they hear
one. Unless youre around Jane/Finch.. Then its normal
- You need the right ammo.
- Ammo can get expensive, especially if you are using HP
ammo. Thats illegal too BTW... Bonus, huh?
- The gun itself is gonna cost you a bit 100600
Overall: Well. You get caught with a handgun theyll just slap you on the wrist!
Unless youre a weapons collector, in which case they decide youre
dangerous and lock you up Youve got ok range, some firepower,
and theyre fairly accurate at short ranges. Also, you can just
kill anyone if they discover you at you nefarious activities!
Make sure you spray paint the big A on the body! OH! And make
sure you check the pockets for anything worth taking.... Id go
for a handgun if you can affford it. Theyre also good for threatening
people even if you dont REALLY wanna shoot em.
AH! Rifles. My favorite thing in the world to play with. The major thing to
remember about rifles is that no cop armed with just a handgun And they
cant use rifles in this glorious country of ours cant match a sniper, even
if hes only got a .22 LR! Youve got range, youve got power! Lets go on
a shooting rampage in just an hour! The only thing is that rifles Especially
hi-powered ones are VERY VERY VERY loud My 8mm Hakim will hurt your ears, even
with good ear muffs on and are for the most part very large You are talking
over 30 inches, usually and are heavier than a handgun. Theyre also harder
to get illegally since hey! Who the hell ever wants a rifle to comit a crime?
Pretty much no one, so there is a MUCH smaller illegal market for them. SO...
Break into crappy tire or some other place with shit security like that and
STEAL SOME! Make sure you get scopes and mounts as well!
Description: A long arm, designed to be fired using both arms and to be rested
on the shoulder during firing. Generally fires much more powerful
cartridges than handguns. Must have rifled barrel otherwise, its
a smoothbore
Advantages: - LONG range Were talking out to 1000+ yards with a good sniper
- VERY powerfull Depending on cartridge, of course
- Most come with scope mounts, for a little covering sniper fire
during those covert operations
- Can generally get off more accurate shots in shorter time
than with a handgun
- Wide selection of calibres avaliable, all the way from .22
Short thru .600 Nitro Express and .50 Browning
- More accessories avaliable Ex. Flash supressors, muzzles brakes
Bayonets doggie stickers! than for handgun/shotgun
Disadvantages - Big. Rifles will always be a minimum of 26 inches long,
most are over 30 inches. I have a few that are 49+
- Heavy. Rifles are heavy All that wood/metal, doncha know
- Ditto for ammo. Big and Heavy.
- As usual, need the right kinda ammo
- Rifle ammo can get expensive So steal some!
- Threat level. People know shit. They think handguns are more
powerfull so they tend to take the guy with the handgun more
seriously Unless you have a rifle with a drop down pistol
grip.. Then its an assault weapon and they all spaz.
- Cant really cut a rifle down... Get a carbine with a folding
stock if you can. Something like a ruger mini-14/30
Overall: Well I like rifles over handguns, but thats because I generally have
no reason to wish concealment. If you just wanna do some longer
range shooting Snipe the kiddies on halloween? then you need a rifle.
Same if you need power/accuracy. A hangun just wont do. On the
other hand, theyre big and heavy. So is the Ammo....... Dont take
one if youre gonna have to hide the thing fast, or cant hide it on
approach to the target.
AH...shotguns. Well, these babies make a great terror weapon since people are
just scared shitless of them! And they should be! A round of 00 buck out
of an 18 barrel at 7 yards will almost chop a person in half. Most destructive
small arm I know of. Besides that.. Ever look down a 12 guage barrel? Biggest
phucking hole youll EVER see! You can get shotguns in all shapes and sizes.
For our little activites I recomend a double barrel due to the fact that you
can chop them off right behind the pistol grip, and right in front of the
foregrips. Then you can mount a sling on it and put it over your shoulder....
Just wear a long coat and you are all set. You should be able to get one
down at the corner real easily, since theyre a common criminal weapon.
Description: Shotguns generally look like a rifle, just with a thicker barrel.
They come in pump, single shot, double barrel, Semi-auto,
bolt action and lever Same as rifles The difference is that
shotguns are generally a smoothbore while rifles have, well...
Rifling in the barrel. They also fire shotshells instead of
normal metalic cartridges. Generally this means that instead
of firing a single projectile you are firing a whole bunch
of little spheres, at low velocities. Unless you are using
slugs, which are usually just a big chunk of lead What does
this mean to you? Well it means of course that its harder to
miss your target with a shotgun than with any of the other
mentioned weapons. Its still possible, but you gotta be a
pretty bad shot to do it. Unfortunately, shotguns have very
little effective range, and are extremely loud. The recoil
is also a little much Altho, its never bothered me and
I fired of over 100 shells in 20 minutes a few weeks ago!
Advantages: - Firepower. At close range, NOTHING can match a shotgun for
firepower. Almost 100 guarenteed knock down!
- Cheap. Shotguns dont require the machineing precision of
rifles and handguns especially handguns and so they are
less expensive
- TERROR factor. Trust me... Looking down the bore of a 12 guage
is something to be avoided. Great to intimidate people
- As usual, a shotgun blast is good for discouraging pursuit.
You can use slugs to put BIG holes in cars... I was shooting
right thru a 76 Buick when my friends and I were doing
some urban combat training... Anyone inside that car would
have been PHUCKING DEAD!
Disadvantages: - Extremely loud and likely to attract attention.. Make that
certain to attract attention
- Large muzzle flash Escpecially out of short barrels
- Heavy recoil on short barrels Ex. Sawed offs
- As usual, gotta have the right ammo for the gun Be carefull
that you dont load 3 shells into a 2 3/4 chamber!
- Innacurate. Its almost imposible to hit one target without
getting everything nearby
- Hard to conceal... Even sawed offs are bigger than a handgun..
but are still smaller than a rifle
- Short range. Good luck hitting anything at over maybe 20-50
yards. 100 yards with slugs, but you have to aim 16-24
- Again, according to the GOVT What the hell do they know
you need a licence to own one of these, and so can get
in alot of shit if caught with one. ESPECIALLY if its
sawed off... then its a PROHIBITED weapon 10 year jail
term, d00dz...Suposedly.. Never enforced
Overall: At short range nothing can beat a shotgun, and they make a GREAT
terror weapon. Theyre cheap, and fairly concealable. Only thing
is, they are VERY loud and have a large flash signature. Also,
you cant hit with precision unless you use slugs If you need
to make a lot of noise, scare someone, or just feel the need for
overwhelming firepower then this is your weapon.
OK. Dont laugh. These kinda weapons have some advantages to them as well,
you know. Theyre proven, almost silent, and deadly in the right hands. They
also have the advantage that you can walk in an buy them. Well, except
blowguns and shurkiens.. theyre PROHIBITED wow-e weapons in this shit
country we must take over sometime. You can also heheh dip the blades
puncturing pointy end into your fav poision. A canadian tourist in
Africa just died of this last week! You can make these things yourself,
and easily.. Shurkiens are just star shaped pieces of metal... make em in
shop class man! Blowguns? If you have no idea how to make these you are VERY
pathetic. Bows? Same here, although I recomend just spending the cash on one,
or ripping one of somewhere.... Homemade ones arent too good. I never
made one that turned out to be any good NEways... Maybe youll have better
Misc Projectiles
Well.. Pretty much anything you can pick up you can throw... Use your
imagination! Bricks, sticks, rocks, tires, tools, pavement chunks,
projectile weapons When you run out of ammo knives, grendades, computer
hardware, books, chairs, tables, phones, clocks, radios, clock radios,
whatever! Try them all, and find your favorite! Just make sure it has some
weight so it does some dammage/kills bonus someone!
Ok. Thats the end of this phyle. Hope that it helped you out some, and hope
you pass it around to all of your friends. If nothing else, well, its a bit
of information for you to store. And use for upload creditz on your favorite
PHAC Bored! Later guys!