---------------------------Nasty Shit to Pull--------------------------------
Well, this is just a text Im making up for Anarchists Anonymous. :
I got accepted yesterday as Artist, but hey..... Neways... Here are just
a few ways to KILL or SEVERLY MAIM people... Preferably your teacher, some1 who
bothers you and your friends at school, or old Mrs. Abblecrabby down the block,
just for the phuck of it, or just cause yur bored, and havent had a good laff
in the last week or so!
Note: In order to do some of these, youll really need to break into the
targets house... Yeah, I know BE is illegal, but HEY! So is trying to kill
someone, so what the fuck are you worried about? Just dont get nail, cause
then a little ol BE rapll be the least of you worries! See the end of
this text for diagrams and instructions
1. Seen what the IRAs been sending all those Brits they dont like lately?
No... Not flowers.. LETTER BOMBS! These little babies are great phun,
and you can make one for every occasion.. And who the hell would expect
to get a letter bomb in Canada? Thats the sort of thing that happens
in OTHER countries! HA! WRONG! Of course, they may not kill the
person, but theyll definately wish they hadnt opened that junk mail
this morning. Best of all, its fairly hard to trace a letter bomb.. Just
make sure you buy ingredients seperately or get your buddies to buy them!
and buy them far, far away from where you live... Also, mail it from far,
far away from where you live.... Oh! And of course, dont forget the
finishing touch! Wire them flowers collect, after you send the bomb!
2. Ever notice how those assholes at school never wear their seatbelts?
Ever take note of how they always try to be kewl, and peel out
EVERY time they get in their fucking cars? Ever notice all the loving
care they put into their cars? Heh heh heh. My father pulled this one
when he was a kid... Werked most beutifully. Get a towing chain from
any hardware store Or use a REALLY thick nylon rope... Chains are
very, very expensive, but it doesnt break as easily as rope will
Sneak out during school hours when no one is around, and get your chain
or rope from where you concealed it the night before. Wrap the one end
around the rear axle of the vehicle the asshole is driving and tie it
REAL tight. Now wind the rope around the chasis, body etc underneath the
vehicle to your satisfaction. Note: If you have some extra, wrap it around
the rear engine mounts as well. Now leave about 50 feet or so coiled up
underneath the vehicle preferably next to a tire, or under the frame,
so it doesnt get seen to easily. Take the other end and secure it to
a solid post, or a dumpster or something like that. Another car will do,
if you cant find anything else Then get away, and wait untill asshole
gets in his car, revs the engine and takes off! For extra bonus points,
tie it one of those dumpsters with the little wheels on the bottom.
For extra fun make bets with your friends on how far hell fly when
he exits the windshield.
3. Shoot the son of a bitch. Simple, yet effective. I personally recomend
using a .22LR at close range under 50 yards And go for head shots.
They cant trace a .22LR There are millions of them in Canada alone,
man! And theyre very accurate at those ranges, as long as you have
your scope sighted in right.
4. Ping Pong Ball Bomb in the gas tank. Just make sure the SOB is in the
car when it goes up. Like drop your little ballojoy tm into his tank,
then call him up from the pay fone down the block of course! Wouldnt
wanna miss the fireworks tell him something like his girlfriend just got
put in the hospital, and would he come down to stay with her? Up to you
how you get him in it. NOTE: Make sure you dont use TOO much gum in the
bomb! Its more phun when he goes up within sight of you!
5. Know when he gets home from school/werk? Kewl! You need the AMMOCAN BOMB!
YES! ITS AMMOCAN BOMB! Its 100 bombs in 1! Its more phun then a
bucket of cat intestines! Sneak into your targets house just b4 he gets
home. Learn his ETA first of coz Of course, you have built the amazing
ammocan bomb b4 you got there, so just bring it in with you and place
it somewhere good like behind the front door, for instance. Depending on
the fuse you put on this sucker, guess the time between him coming up the
lane and entering the house and lite the fuse when appropriate. NOTE:
Youll be the dead one if you dont RUN LIKE PHUCK about now.. Or at least
get behind something solid.. Like the other side of the house. Another
good place is under the front porch, because hell be looking around
wondering what the phuck that funny hissing sound is, and your escape is
made easier from the outside.
6. Wanna just burn his house down? SURE! you say. Of course, if his dog is
dead from the Radiator Anti-freeze you put in its water awhile ago,
or from some other anarchist wasting it hey! So much the better.
And HEY!, If his smoke detectors just happen to have had the batteries
removed, oh well.. Not your fault now is it? He should be more carefull
about such things! Nehows, after your target has gone too sleep, sneak
into his house with your flaming balloon and candle setup. Set it up
and retreat rather quickly. This is especially good if done in a
room with carpet Soaked liberally with gasoline, of course A few
minutes later, FOOM! Hed better hope hes a light sleeper, or BYE BYE!
7. Ever have this strange urge to fill light bulbs with gasoline? Nah....
Not you! YOU wanna fill them with NAPALM! Good boy! Now youve got the
idea! As a matter of fact why not make the booby trapped bulb the one
he uses for a reading lamp? In his bed.. heh heh Or just booby trap
every single one in a room and watch him light up his life. The
possibilites for these little babies are endless. Imagine bobby trapping
a whole bunch of X-mas lights!
8. Why not break into some old bitches place with your hammer, nails and
piano wire? Do it at night, when the hag is asleep, and put trip wires
at the tops of the staircases? About ankle height, and stretched REAL
tight. This werks on anyone, but is more likely to werk on old people,
A They cant see/hear as well
B They tend to break bones REAL easy
For added phun, make a few more down the staircase, so if they miss the one
at the top theyve still got a few more chances to take the express route!
9. Ever wonder why theres a warning on javex that it should NOT be mixed
with any kind of acid? Its because it forms a REAL acidic and highly
posinous gas. So why dont we try it out? Gotta verify these labels after
all, make sure the advertiser is keeping honest! Old people tend to have
toilet seats with little fluffy liners heh.. Air seal! on them, which
will also serve our purpose in holding gas in untill the lid is raised and
it comes rushing out. This should also werk if you put your mixture
about 95 javex to 5 acid battery should werk alright in anything
with a lid on it. Like a pot on the counter, or a garbage can at
skool/on the beach/in the cop shop! If you can pull that, I admire you!
10. Get ahold of the goofs pencil case, and replace a few of the pens with
exploding ones.. Great phun in class!
11. Throw a fragmentation grenade at the asshole when he walks/drives/wheels
by you. Phun for the whole gang. As an added bonus to this type off
attack you may get a few innocent bystanders as well!
12. You know what a punji pit is? NO? Shame on you!! Basically, its a fairly
deep pit To allow the victem to get up to speed lined with lots of
sharpened stakes! This one werks REAL good The VC used them ALOT but
they take awhile to put together, so is rather hard to do on short notice.
Basically, you need to dig a pit approx 4x4x6-8 deep! and plant
lots of sharp stakes in the bottom. The VC used bamboo but if you cant
get any, just rip off some tent poles, and use them. Youll need to cut
lots of thin branches offa trees and place them across your hole and then
cover it with lots of leaves and debris until it just looks like another
spot.. Until someone dies, that is! Do it right in front of the guys door,
or just out in the woods somewhere if you wanna bag yourself a ranger
or one of those phucking idiot hikers!
13. If you really wanna get nasty and have access to an illegal, of coz!
shotgun preferably a single shot, or double barrel Simple trap.
Tie the shotgun down in a corner pointed towards a door. Tie a piece of
string to the back the trigger guard and then around something behind the
gun, and finally around the doorknob. This must be setup so that the
trigger/s will be pulled when the door is opened obviously, so get the
pulley effect right! I recomend you load the shotgun with a 3 magnum
load of 00 buckshot. If nothing goes wrong, the dude is REAL dead.
There are of course, many other ways to kill people, such as tossing a
safety light into their pool with them in it, of course or just simply
beating the fuck out of them. Try them all, everyone has their favorites!
Ammocan Bomb
What you need: a military surplus ammo can One with the positive catch
bail latch on the side.. Avaliable from any surplus store
for around 8.00
Fuse Amount needed depends on time you want between light
to boom
A drill, with about a 1/16 bit
Alot of black powder You can use smokeless, but its more
expensive, you cant really make it, and it doesnt
touch off as easily.. Im not going to tell you how to
make BP, since there are SO many texts on it out there!
Oil optional
Tape Optional
How to do er: Simple. Drill a hole in the top of the can for the fuse
Fill the ammocan get a .30 cal. ammo can, eh? with powder,
amount depending on power of bang you want.
Put a little oil around the rubber seal on the can Helps it
to seal tightly.. but use VERY little. Dont want to phuck
up the powder!
Close the container, and latch the lid.
Put a piece tape over the hole in the lid, just to keep
the powder dry until you are ready to use the bomb.
When ready to use bomb, place it stick fuse thru tape, light
er and run like hell. These cans seal VERY tight, and
go off like a BIG grenade Note: Make sure end of fuse is
into powder, or it may not ignite properly
The Setup
* -------------------- Fuse Its lit! Start running!
------ ----------- Convient Carry Handle
- Bail Latch
----- Powder
--- Ammo Can
Note: You fill this can full, you better pray you have 100 feet of fuse, and
a car, or youll be REAL dead!
Fragmentation Grenade
What you need: A film canister Yes, the little black ones
Black powder A little less than last time
Shotgun pellets or BBs, whatever
Fuse not so much this time
LOTS of tape. Electrical is recomended
How to do er: Punch a small hole in the top of the film canister for fuse
Put about 20-30 pellets or more, if you wish.. in the
Fill rest of canister with powder, and mix with pellets
Place lid on canister, and push fuse thru to bottom of
Tape that mother. Use lots or it will not explode properly.
Lite the fuse, and toss it at someone you dont like....
Or just plant it somewhere. Kerbang.
The Setup
---------- Fuse Toss it quick!
xx------ Pellets
xx------ Powder
xxxx----- Canister
Note: Not shown with tape on it, since I cant really do that with ASCII!
Flaming Balloon
What you need: Extremely flamable liquid Ex. Ethyl Alchol, Methyl Hydrate
A balloon
A candle and a holder for it
Matches, or lighter
Some string
Gasoline optional
How to do er: Put a fair amount of liquid in the balloon say, half fill it
and tie tightly.
Tie the baloon to something Like say the bottom of a table
so that the baloon is suspended high enough that it will take
time for the candle flame will burn thru the balloon after
a while try this out first, to find out how long it will take
Light the candle, and place it under the balloon.
When she burns into the balloon, youve got alot of flaming
liquid spreading all over the floor. Works well if you dumped
a little gasoline on the floor. preferably on a rug!
Vary height of balloon to allow you escape/alibi time.
The Setup
--------- String DUH!
------- Balloon Ok.. So Its Square.. Sue me!
------- Candle! Wooopps! Retreat time!
---- Candle holder
Oh please. You dont know how to make napalm? You eeeddiot!
Please note: Im not including instructions for the exploding pen, letter
bomb, or the Ping-pong-ball gas tank bomb due to the fact that both have been
adequetly documented before this, and are not something I came up with, as the
three shown above are. Instructions for the Ping-Pong bomb can be found in the
phyle PRANX.TXT from Anarchists Anonymous text pack 3.
Oh, btw: If anything happens when you try this shit out,
I DIDNT TELL YOU TO DO IT! HEheh. Thats the end of this phyle, hope you
enjoyed it and find it to be usefull later d00dz!