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Essential Anarchial Equipment
Part 1
Basically this is a revised and expanded version of a text phile that came out
in pak 1 called SAB.TXT written by the departed Dark Entropy.
A bag/backpack is needed to carry your anarchial equipment. The sac should
be preferably black so its easy to ditch if ya get caught and it also blends
in with the darkness in which you will be causing your anarchy in. A large,
strong canvas sac like the type sailors use/or a mailbag will do the job
nicely. Pick a bag/backpack etc. that is VERY easy to carry because you may
have to run while carrying it. A backpack is also recommended because your
hands are free while running to drop smokebombs, or shoot a pellet-gun at
the person whos chasing ya.
1. A big jar o gas. Great for lighting the porch of some poor fuck. Also
great for blocking the path of the person chasing ya. Put in a plastic
container unless ya dont mind smelling like gas for a week. Any flammable
can be substituted for this. The flammable is generally used for starting a
fire like on someones lawn but also can be used like a firebomb to slow
down a pursuer, if the container is glass and ya also have a rag. The only
problem is that the more gas ya got, the heavier and bulkier transporting it
2. A rag. Used with ya jar of gas ta make a firebomb.
3. Pellet Gun/Air Gun. Great for shooting at dogs that may bark to alert ya
presense. Also good for destroying lighting which give away your location.
Can be used for shooting out car tires, headlights on cars, windows etc.
If someone is chasing ya....shoot at em. Dont get caught with the gun cuz
ya will be in shit for shooting at someone. Its ideal for use at night
because it doesnt create a flash like a real handgun and its quieter as well.
Extra ammo/CO cartridges also are essential.
4. Knife.....A nice stainless steel knife with at LEAST a 4 blade.
Switchblades are good, so are survival knives because they also have a serrated
edge on the other side of the blade which is good for cutting. Used mainly for
attacking people/self-defense, cutting hoses, tubes, wires, slashing tires,
and just about anything else a sharp blade is needed for. If ya are gonna
sharpen ya knives use metal ta metal sharpening cuz metal ta stone fucks up
the blade. A survival knife with a nice shealth is recommended because you
can strap it to your leg or arm for concealibility and easy access.
5. Swiss Army Knife. Used mainly for sabatoging things. Get one with the 2
blades of different sizes and the screwdriver blades as well. Ya can buy a
swiss army knife with any other blade ya feel like but get one with at least
what I said. It replaces the screwdrivers, you would need to carry instead.
This little knife comes in handy for unscrewing things, cutting things,
loosening stuff and more. A real space saver.
6. Hacksaw. Used for cutting pipes, locks, fence posts, and just about
anything else. Ya can get a mini-hacksaw which is half the length. Hacksaws
are that expensive and are great for cutting steel supports. If ya are taking
out a swimming pool be sure ta use a hacksaw on the PVC water pipes because
pipe-cutters dont work as well.
7. Wire Cutters/bolt cutters. Preferably 18 or 24. Great for making holes in
fences, cutting wires, padlocks, chains and anything else ya may need. The
bolt cutters/wire cutters are pretty heavy and fairly bulky as well. Its an
essential part of any anarchists kit.
8. Tear Gas/Mace/Pepper Spray. Great for dealing with those faggits who may
chase ya. Little bottles can be bought through the mail for about 9 or so,
or ya may wish to buy card a Tear gas gun which has alot larger range and
also a large tear gas capacity about 40. Look at Magazines like Soldier of
Fortune, Guns and Ammo etc. ta find adds for these and other weapons/personal
protection items.
9. Lighters/Matches. At least a few disposable lighters, and one good quality
one for back-up like a butane/zippo. Also shitloadz of matches for igniting
grass, flammables etc.
10. Gloves. Used ta make sure ya dont leave any fingerprints on the little
suprises which you may bear.
11. Bombs of various sorts. Always have a few different types of bombs on
hand, like smoke, fragmentation, pipe bombs, m80s etc. Smoke bombs are
essential for diverting attention. While sharapnel/fragmentation bombs injure
the fuckers that may be chasing ya. Also sharapnel bombs are great for
causing chaos in crowds as well as just for pure destruction.
12. Pipe Cutter. A cutter that attaches to the pipe ya want to cut and then
ya turn it. Each time ya turn the pipe cutter, it cuts the pipe. This also
works great on support wires for things like electrical poles. It is ALOT
quieter than a hack-saw and faster as well.
13. Baseball Bat spikes optional/ Length of Pipe.
A length of pipe/baseball bat are used ta beat the shit out of someone or
something. Be careful because, there is a law in Canada now that says ya will
get changed with a weapons offense if ya dont carry a ball while ya are
carrying a bat. I prefer a nice wooden bat with a weighted end. I drill a hole
in the end of the bat and put lead solder in there ta weigh the end of the bat
for increased power. Also use hockey/black electrical tape on the handle in
order to lessen the shock on impact. I usually take the entire bat up though.
14. Axe. A great tool used for cutting down trees, destroying kids playgrounds,
or use the flat end of the axe ta beat stuff. I wouldnt pick a large axe,
a hand axe or a small axe with a light head would be fine becuz big axes are
fucking heavy and clumsy ta carry.
15. Spraypaint. Used for blatant defacement of public property and to express
your feelings about the government, cops, satan etc. on walls all over town.
16. Lockpick kit/Lockgun. Either of these items can be aqquired through the
mail by looking for ads in Soldier of Fortune, Guns and Ammo and the like.
A Lock-gun will run ya about 50+, while a good lockpick kits starts at 30+.
Ya can also find a wide range of manuals, and even videos on this subject.
The lockpick stuph is mainly used for gaining entry to places for vandalism,
theft, or other motives. A VERY valuable edition to any anarchists toolkit.
If ya are in the mood for carding, why not card the Cobra III+ Electronic
lockpick. It costs about 400 US legally. It opens about 99 of all pin
tumbler locks the type ya have ta use a key ta get into in 7 seconds or
less. A real time saver.
17. Cordless Drill. Not a must but an interesting tool of havoc none the
less. It can used to drill straight through the center of locks, drill holes
in order to pour stuff like drilling through a door to pour gas on the other
side, it can also be used to drill holes for setting explosives. A drillbit
used for drilling through metal is a must along with ones for drilling holes
of at least 2 in diameter.
18. Cordless Screwdriver. Another optional piece of equipment. Great for
unscrewing shitloads of stuff FAST. Good for sabatoge, lightweight. This is
an ideal replacement for all the screwdrivers you may be carrying around.
Ditto for Cordless Rachet.
19. Propane Torch. A great and very useful item used for melting things like
car tires to the road, and for cutting things. It is also fun for permanent
vandalism. You can try to wash off paint but ya cant say the same thing for
something that is burned in. Extra propane tank a must.
20. A Crowbar. A handy device, great for prying open doors, bashing stuff etc.
Yeah I know what ya are saying....what the in the fucking hell does what ya
wear have to do with anarchy? Well....this part of the phile is just ta
remind ya of some things and inform ya of others.
Docs or other boots are recommended because they are rugged and durable. Also
if ya have steel-toed even better. I wouldnt recommend anything over 14
holes because they reduce your ability to run. Docs with Combat soles are
great because of the extra grip they give ya. Running shoes can also be a good
choice because they are light-weight and have good traction etc. Black of
course, is the colour of choice.
Preferably a trench-coat or bomber of a dark colour. Trench coats are good
because ya can conceal a shitload of stuff in one. Bombers arent bad either.
DONT EVER wear a jacket with a fucking team logo made by some company like
Starter of Apex because they have HUGE logos/lettering on their jackets, and
are NEVER totally black. Its just one more thing someone seeing can identify
you by. As long as the jacket is dark coloured and has lots of space to put
shit in then by all means wear it while ya are out causing anarchy.
Not necessary at all. If ya are gonna be doing some VERY serious shit in
which people will most likely see you then wear a bala-clava skimask. Other
than that, its just another thing ta identify ya by.
Wear dark colours. Thats about all there is to it.
Thin black gloves are good for use because they arent as clumsy as other
types of gloves. If ya are going to be doing sabatoge work, bring a good
pair of non-conducting kevlar re-enforced work gloves. Depending on what ya
are doing, then gloves are recommend for keeping fingerprints off shit. If ya
know the pigs dont got ya fingerprints on record then ya dont have to worry
as much. Use gloves when handling bombs becuz if by chance the bomb doesnt
blow-up then they got a nice bomb with ya prints all over it.
Well this concludes part one of this text. Look for the second part in text
pak 5. Greets go out to: Anarchial Artist, Purple Tentacle, Joe Fractal,
Cthulhu, Marauder, Obi Wan Kenobi and the rest of as well as Lucifer,
Myzxu, Daman and others.
- G -