The Art Of Harrasing A School
Well, exams have come and gone for, yet another semester. So as the
cramming ceases, the Anarchy is reborn....So AA returns with the fourth
pack, enjoy. As for this text file, it has to deal with the sheer joy
that us Anarchists got during our exam harrasment!!!
Yes, the fun we had making the life of the Junior High teachers ever so
aggrivating!!! So, the following text is pretty much a diary and compilation
of some techniques we used to keep those fags out of their classes.
Those punks stayed out of class so much, they might as wellve been off
with the rest of us. So enjoy the show as we embark on a journey to
excavate the losers from their shells of higher education....
1. A bomb threat is the best way to see that a school gets cleared, the
staff will HAVE TO keep everyone out of the school for about an hour.
Make sure you call the school and then the police, and maybe the fire
department. For some schools will rule out that it could actually be a
bomb and will ignore the call, although that is against the law... So
call all three places for a guaranteed clearing. And for even greater
fun call a local news station for a bit of fun!! A way to make the papers
with your little prank, would be to do it to EVERY school in the area.
In my little suburbian nightmare, weve got a nice close knit area with
about six schoold, just call every one of them and give bomb threats.....oh
what fun!!!
2. Hurling various projectiles at a school will most definetly arouse
attention.I work with various fun things such as napalm, firebombs,
tennis ball grenades and things of the sort!!! Aiming at such pinpoint
areas like windows, doors cars, and any other large objects, will give
added attention!!!
3. Making your own little spectacle of fire in the school area will
create quite a decent amount of attention. I would reccomend the
following procedure to raise a dance of fire of your own. First
walk around the corners of the playground non chalantly dropping and
leaking any flammable liquid gasoline, paint thinner in various areas
of the playground. Then fire things like flaming darts onto the gas, that
should light it for you. This will allow the safety of distance, not to
mention a good seat to watch the scrambling of frantic teachers to beat
down the HIGHLY dangerous fire.
4. A nice idea is of course, the burning cross. This will let the mutha
fuckaz of teachers know that we are white, and we are right. Let them see
how youre points of view affect the black portion of your community. This
will definetly scare the shit out of the teachers at any school, especially
a Catholic school! I usually combine idea 1 with this idea....its great
when they have to stand by the burning cross....
5. Using things such as plastic wood, or contact cement, one can easily set
fire to small cracks and keyholes, and shit like that. Just jam the shit in
the cracks in the wall or keyholes, or any other niche that you can find,
and then light. Its cool to see various parts of the wall alight. Then to
make it even more interesting, you can break glass jars or bottles filled
with gas, on the flames. This will most definetly add to the flame on the
walls!! Using Napalm instead of gas will prevent the gas from dripping down
the wall. See pack 4 for instructions in the creation of making Napalm.
6. Performing Satanic rituals while the losers are standing out of the
school from the bomb threat will raise ALOT of not so good attention,
and will raise the fear of the teachers and any supervisors that are
nearby. The kids will be scared out of their mind, and you will love
it....the good part is that the asshole teachers cannot do a fucking
thing about it, since youre not doing anything legally wrong, although
you are worshipping the devil.
7. Using thermite on the top of portables in B R O A D daylight will
generate alot of chatter and will scare the shit out of the asshole
teachers. If you pack enough of this shit then youll burn through the
cheap shit that they call metal, but is really wannabe metal school
budgets!!!. You should reach a thin layer of brown wood, just cut or
burn your way through the wood and there you are. All that will be standing
between you and the portable is those piece of shit styrofoam-like panels
that they use to roof the portables. What I like to do once at that point,
is get a little bit of gas and pour it on the panels. Now set it on fire
and let it melt the panels into absolute shit. It will probably start to drip
on some asshole student. Well this is hillarious as these cheap panels
start sizzling on some losers head or on his back. Now this is usually an
Anarchists cue to get the fuck out of there, but I would stay around for a
little longer just to see the fucker get dripped on. You could of course
burn these panels without the gas, but the gas will allow flames to drip as
well, so the top of their portable will be spewing fire....HAHAHAHA!!!
8. Beating the shit out of the portables with baseball bats for many 10
second intervals will have the teachers in frantics, wondering who is
destroying her class!!! I would suggest doing it every 5-6 minutes, so
just as she gets settled, CRACK....BASH!!! Oooo the glee!!!
9. Hurling things such as bricks and large rocks in some assholes window
will scare the living shit out of some fuckahz. They will also stop
the silence during a test. This can also much more easily be done
in a portapac, just run in...hurl it down the hall and then get the
fuck out of their. Things that work better then rocks are as
follows.... tennis ball grenades, lit fire bombs and anything that
will make extensive noise or generate nuff fire!!!
10. Another thing to do while in a portapac is to pile all sorts of
fucking coats and bags, that the students will have hanging on hooks
in halls, on those cheap ass fucking carpets that they use to saturate
the mud that these little fucks bring in. Well, now you should have
a decent pile of cloth and shit in front of you. Now, if you havent
been caught by now, pour gas, and burn the fuckah clean. This will
lead to a definite clearing of the portapac and probably the school!!!
11. Now, if you are one of those people who think that, why should
little kids suffer for what their predecessors adults have done
to fuck you up. So you may not posses the evil that is required to
burn some little kids bag and coat. So you could always just gas soak
the rug and then burn the piece of shit until it bleeds....
12. The splattering of rotten/moldy/old vegetables on some teachers
windows will result in the upmost disturbance of classroom activities
for that pathetic class. Another great idea is to get a nice blank
sheet of paper and decorate it with your not so correct beliefs.
Swotstikas and Anarchy symbols will most definetly help them see the
light. And some White Supremacy signs wouldnt hurt. Another way of
window fucking these punks would be to pour gas on the windows and
then light it. This will usually scare the living shit out of any loser
punk who knows nothing about fire. And as for open windows, well we all
love fun with those. Just pour some contact cement on the window base
or the inner window cill and then light. This will start giving out
black smoke which is very bad for ones health. After this fills the
room, if the asshole teacher learned anything during his days of
University he will learn it would be best to either get rid of the fire
or get rid of the students....
13. Setting the school dumpster on fire will attract ALOT of attention
from the whole school. Usually our paranoid infested educators will
call the fucking fire department....
14. A hillarious way to bring attention to yourself and make teachers
very scared would be to walk throughout the halls with a half decent
switchblade nine or ten inches long, slashing all the shit on the
walls and all the nasty plastic cheap Zellers coats and bags that hang
from the hooks on the wall. This will definetly have the staff in an uproar.
15. Lobbing things such as tennis ball grenades and napalm firebombs
into the main lobby of a school will scare the living shit out of any
normal staff member. It will usually cause ALOT of excitement, and will
end up having the police pay a visist to the school. The kids will
probably be evacuated and will love ya for it!!! As for the teachers,
well you can imagine how they will feel when smoke starts pouring into their
main lobby.
Well, that ends my first text for The Fifth Pack from Anarchists Anonymous.
I hope you enjoy this text as much as everyone who has seen it so far, they
met it with evil grins. Well that just about ends this text, until the next
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