Making Cash, Anarchy Style
Well, here we sit in the middle of a stupid ass economic depression. The
fucks of the 80s have fucked it up for us 90s boyz. Yes, they had
lotsa cash, things were fun and life was great. Well now things are
expensive no one has cash and life sucks. So I felt it NECCESARY to develop
some Anarchial ways to make cash to support your Anarchial ideas.
Things such as Weapons, explosives or even a P.O. Box are all great ideas to
spend your not so hard earned ideas. Well here I go.....
1. Offering protection money is a great way to make cash off of the weak
and sad fucks that you know. Well, if they get themselves in a jam a quick
way to make some cash would be to offer to protect them for say 20 a week.
This will usually work for the fucks in a MEGA jam. Then if you want to
avoid wasting your strength on this looser, you can pay the guy who wants
to kick his ass 5 to leave him alone, so its great you make 15 for doing
absolutely nothing!! This is a GREAT cycle and I frequently do it ALOT!!
2. Blackmail.....the perfect thing for all aspiring Anarchist. This can
generate you ALL kinds of cash, all depending on the severity off the incident
of which you know about. Usually youll only find out about small time
things which are only worth about 5-10 dollars. Things such as phone bugs,
hacking, voice mail takeovers and brute force are just some of the ways that
you can get information about the asshole. If you pick up half decent
information then you can get 20 and up dollars, and hey if youve got the
local SAS agent living on your street then you can rake in thousands of
dollars, but the odds of that arent very likely.
3. Performing revenge for people who dont wanna take the risk of getting
caught is a great way to rake in some extra bucks. You could do all kinds
of things such as lower his marks, destroy the assholes work, set fire to
his house, use LOTS of thermite on his car. Those are all great ideas to
pay back the loser who fucked with your employer. I usually charge about
10-20 dollars for a good variety of paybacks.
4. Selling weapons and explosives at your school is a GREAT way to make
cash. Things such as thermite or smoke bombs are my most popular items,
and will rake me in alot of cash. Some dumb fuckaz will pay up to 20 for
50 grams of thermite...which is ALOT of money!!!
5. Selling special information to losers at school is great for a few
bucks. I sell lamers extenders for roughly 20 a shot, not to mention
special phone numbers for about 20 also. I once raked in 25 bucks just
for Queen Elizabeths phone number!!!
6. Letting people use your P.O. box for whatever illegal activities will
usually get you ALOT of money. Just charge then 10 a month to use it. You
can usually do this with sysops and Carders. If you get enough people to
do this with, then eventually youll end up making money by having a
P.O. box!!!
7. Selling stolen or carded items will end up making you ALOT of money.
Things such as carded computer stuff or basically anything in demand
can guarantee quick cash. I usually sell those video sets that you order
by phone, they make the most.
8. Selling dope to the local junkies can rake you in ALOT of cash. I
usually just concentrate on Marijuana and ACiD, Marijuana can be grown
at a nice remote area in your local forest, sometime in the spring. If
you need seeds, chances are the local dealer will sell you a few for a
decent price. As for ACiD there are ALL KINDS of texts floating around
on how to make that shit, all it really is, is a mixing of MANY MANY
chemicals rat poison, bleach, most of these texts will seriously fuck
up anyone who does it....but hey....thats not your problem right???
9. Stealing tapes, or CDs from HMV is a snap and selling them is even
easier. To steal a tape do the following. Make sure they dont have those
thick 2 cm stickers on them the ones with serial numbers, if they dont
then you can just walk out of there with a tape, the alarm is only aroused
by those thick stickers that the store puts on a few tapes and CDs. As for
stealing CDs, its just as easy, just go to an area of the store where no
one is really watching what you are doing, and then cut or peel the thick
sticker off. Its that easy!!! Of course for those of you who are SO
PRECAUTIOUS just rip the plastic off of the WHOLE TAPE!!! Then you can just
walk right out of there with it....great huh?? Usually you can sell tapes
for about 8 and CDs for 15...have phun!!
10. Some people will actually PAY money for things such as texts and warez.
I can sell games to the fucks in my class for MEGA cash. I usually get 5
for a good game such as DOTT or X-Wing, and if you sell enough of them,
hey thats alot of money!!!
11. Using thermite to melt through things such as mailboxes or other types
of outdoor locks will usually result in a net gain for you and your
companions. You can usually pick up at least 50 from just one mailbox, and
you can make MEGA cash on Christmas!!!
12. Using LOTS of contact cement on various locks in your school will help
you achieve financial stability. Just FILL the lock with contact cement,
and it will harden very quickly, and when nightfall comes, they wouldnt
have been able to lock the doors cant get the key in the locks. So, you
have access to the whole school. First check the front office for cash and
other things of value. Then rip off the supply room.....the rooms you have
classes in and any other rooms that you can think of. I usually give my marks
a boosting and destroy MANY things while Im in there. This is a GREAT way to
pick up extra cash and MANY other things!!! Have phun!!!
13. Getting information about people for people is a great way to make
extra cash off of your loacal pir8 users who wanna get back at some lame
fuck. Using a CNA Customer Name And Address just by knowing the phone
number of the loser you can get his name and address. These numbers are
not hard to find. Another way to get information on some asshole loser
is by checking out my Lamer Extermination Pack. This has LOTS of ideas
on getting pictures and info on any fag ass lamer.....
14. Viruses are in HIGH demand at my school, they think its sooo cool
that they can just give some loser a file and it will fuck up there
enemies computer with just one file!!! This is so pathetic but SUCH a
GREAT way to make cash. I usually charge about 2 for a virus and 4
for BIG NAME virii Michelangelo virus. This is the worst case of
lameness but these stupid fucks who have NO life will pay it, so have
fun exploiting there lameness!!!
15. I make ALOT of money by selling rigged up lighters at my school,
they cost me about .50 cents and I sell them to all the geeky lamers
at my school for three bucks each, this is a helluva GREAT way to
make cash when youre selling up to 10 a day....not bad huh! To
figure out how to properly and effectively rig the mutha fuckaz
lighter, just check the file, LIGHTERS.TXT in our third text pack,
it was well written by Purple Tentacle.
1. Nutcase - You lame ass fuckah...
2. Guile - Are these spaces bothering you?? BWAHAHAHA!!!
3. Dave - Fuck you, sad ass excuse for a rock on...
4. Turner Fenton - Prepare for the prophet of pain...hehehehe...
5. PB Crisp - Sad ass fuck
6. -AA- - This will be THE pack!
7. PANiC - An intro group that uses THG intro maker!! HAHAHA!!!
8. Gangrene, Spaceman Spiff, Dist. Hoodlum, Berserker, JD, the -AA-
crew, Gothic, and all others whom I forgot...keep rocking 416/905.
9. ABD - Get back up......
Death to all who wear paisley!!!
-Anarchial Artist 94