Anarchists Anonymous
Info: Released: March 13th
File Name: Size KB Description Author
ANON4.NFO 7000 This File Guile/A. Artist
FILEID.DIZ 171 The File ID!!! Purple Tentacle
PROJECT.TXT 22920 Big Book of Projectiles Marauder
SPIKE.TXT 11952 Guide to Tree Spiking Excessive Mayhem
CARPHUN.TXT 6105 Fun with Cars Dilithium
TRANSIT.TXT 13028 Terror on the Transit Cthulhu
FAGS.TXT 13059 Pranks to pull on fags Obi Wan Kenobi
KIL-MAIM.TXT 15589 Killing and Maiming Marauder
ROADKILL.TXT 9535 Roadkilling Anarchial Artist
CLEAR.TXT 10136 School Harrassment Anarchial Artist
EQUIP.TXT 10738 Essential Anarchial Equipment Guile
SNOW.TXT 7054 Winter Terror Obi Wan Kenobi
CAMPING!.TXT 11178 How to make camping FUN Dilithium
BSIT.TXT 4781 Terror While Babysitting Dilithium
CASH.TXT 8328 How To Make EASY Cash Anarchial Artist
HOMEPHUN.TXT 28679 Fun in SOMEONE ELSES house Purple Tentacle
LAMERZ.TXT 22470 Unabridged Guide To Lamers Anarchial Artist
MECH2.TXT 18578 Fun In The Mechanical Room Dilithium
PARKS.TXT 9488 Terrorizing A Local Park Purple Tentacle
TASTE.TXT 22920 Taste For Destruction Anarchial Artist
RANDOM.TXT 11170 Random Anarchy Anarchial Artist
STINK.TXT 9039 Stink Bombs Excessive Mayhem
SUBURB.TXT 11623 A Tale Of Suburban Survival Anarchial Artist
AA-1.EXE 21942 AA VGA Marauder
AA-2.EXE 34931 AA VGA Maruader
AA-3.EXE 22663 AA VGA Marauder
ANONBOMB.BMP 141238 AA VGA Purple Tentacle
PACK4.GIF 6031 AA VGA Marauder
ANON.COM 957 Run Through Of Graphics Guile
CSHOW.EXE 91864 Graphic Viewer Unkown
ANGRY!.ANS 8643 AA Ansi Purple Tentacle
ANON4.ANS 4019 AA Ansi Joe Fractal
EC-AA.ANS 3624 AA Ansi Exquisite Corpse
RELEASE.ANS 3531 AA Ansi Purple Tentacle
AA.APP 9999 AA Application Form Guile
AA Dist Sites
Digital Venom - 905-PRI-VATE - SYSOPS: Myxzu, Guile
Digital Forum - 416-PRI-VATE - SYSOPS: Laser
Ash Ock Undeground - 416-PRI-VATE - SYSOPS: Marauder
The Seventh Mile - 416-PRI-VATE - SYSOPS: Exquisite Corpse
1. Unfortuanetly we were not able to have a reader released for this pack.
This is due to the fact that Sunlord of DARK was unable to have it
completed on time and we had to release the pack without it. We hope to
include it in our next pack.
2. We appologize for the late release of the package, it WILL NOT occur again.
3. Our EX-WHQ has gone down. We will always remember that flourished under the
hands of Sparhawk and Spaceman Spiff. It will be going up under a different
name, but will have no -AA- afilliation whatsoever.
4. We hope you enjoy the texts from many of our new recruits such as Marauder
and Exquisite Corpse they are just some of the MANY who have applied into
-AA- in the last little while. We have also brought in some great ANSi and
VGA with this pack. We hope you enjoy it.
5. -AA- has SERIOUSLY expanded since the last pack. Here is an up to date
member list.....
Lead Writer - Anarchial Artist
Lead Writer - Guile
Lead Writer - Obi Wan Kenobi
Lead Writer - Purple Tentacle
Text Writer - Cthulhu
Text Writer - Dilithium
Text Writer - Excessive Mayhem
Text Writer - Marauder
Management - Anarchial Artist
Management - Guile
ANSi Artist - Joe Fractal
ANSi Artist - Purple Tentacle
ANSi Artist - Exquisite Corpse
ANSi Artist - Spaceman Spiff
VGA Artist - Marauder
VGA Artist - Purple Tentacle
Affiliations - Exquisite Corpse
Affiliations - Sparhawk
Affiliations - Laser
Affiliations - Myxzu
Dist Site - Digital Forum
Dist Site - Digital Venom
Dist Site - Seventh Mile
Dist Site - Ash Ock Underground
A. Lead Writer - On of the four senior members who brings in a constant flow of
B. Text Writer - Brings in a good amount of texts
C. Management - In charge of pack organization, new members, getting texts done
on time. They manage the group!
D. ANSi Artist - Does Anarchial ANSi for the group.
E. Affiliations - Have done us a favour, or are sysops of a dist site or WHQ.
6. Expect a quick release for our fifth pack. So keep you Anarchial Eyes
This is probably by far, s best text pak to date. Our WHQ is down for
good and we are wanting a replacement. Contact us on a variety of 4i6/9o5
brds. We are always looking for new text writers, coders, artists etc. We are
also looking for LD dist sites. if you are wishing to become one get in touch
with us. Enjoy the pak.....
-AA- Salutes.....
ABD....CHiNA....416/905 Krew....Boiling Nitrogen....
All You Internet Junkies....D-Pac Boyz....PHRACK....
PTG still the best around....PAPP....RZR....TDT...
Anarchists Everywhere, never stop the struggle......