The Satan Worshipper Kit by Psychoholic Slag
The Satan Worshipper Kit by Psychoholic Slag
Psychoholic Slag765 - note: I am NOT a ansi artist!
YEP - Its TRUE, Now you can join Satans minions without leaving the privacy
of your own home. When you order the Satan Worshipper Kit you get all you need
to worship Satan plus MORE!
This limited time offer, collectors item
inverted cross, made of real WOOD and
smeared with the BLOOD of a virgin will look
great above your fire-place or can simply
be used as a bedroom decoration.
This metal, animal-GORE painted prodigy
is sure to mark you as one of Satans
Servants and help you get all the chix.
When you hold this baby youll feel
your spirit rise and your faith will
Right now when you order the Satan Worshipper Kit youll get the Summoning
Circle Guide and a special CHALK so you can summon all of Satans goons.
through to
and many many MORE and now featurs a special tutorial for beginners.
If you ever wanted to have a party but were afraid cuz you didnt think any
cool people would show up THIS IS YOUR DREAM COME TRUE!
Fear not to invite all the chix because now you can simply SUMMON them!
This Death 101 book includes the complete
history of Satan, some cat recipes and a full
dictionary of death-related terms starting with
abattoir and ending with zombie. The book is written in blood on animal skin
where each page is written upon with the blood
of the same animal whos skin the page is
composed of.
Order the Satan Worshipper Kit now and get a special box to hold all your your FEDEX Satanic valuables.
NOTE : All these items bought seperately would have cost you over a hundred
dollars but now you can get them all in the Satan Worshipper Kit for a mere
29.95 U.S Dollars! which means youre SAVING OVER 70 DOLLARS!
DO NOT HESITATE TO ORDER! Our operators are standing by, dont be afraid,