The Regency by Fire 02/96
The Regency by Fire 02/96
eerie-kun fire sloppy drawing mode enabled
pour que nos mains narrtent pas de trembler
cest comme a que je te reconnais
mme sil vaut beaucoup mieux pour toi que tu trembles un peu moins que moi
- noir dsir
this sucks!@
well, all i have is a mono screen, bastard.
like having a mono screen is an excuse for sucking.
look kid, next time you check out a fire pack, skip 33*.*, okay?
- upward goop!
the regency is
the fire world hq.
this means the following :
1 it rocks.
2 its the best. ops : halaster
3 i do ansis for it. telnet address :
the font is a gooped tribute to the greatest logo artist of all times, hlecter.
and the pic, well, it looks like something lord jazz would do if he sucked.
BY THE WAY. anyone knows what happened to VILLAGE IDIOT? i havent heard of
that guy for so long he was one of the coolest people ive met in the scene.
so if hes still alive you know him, tell him to call me er somethin.