Gloree by Fire 10/95
Gloree by Fire 10/95
integrity ninety-five .. letting the fool and the weak join acid
that motto couldnt have been closer to the truth than now..
fame throwa pass out the gold, the diamond watch, the last reward,
all the things we had before you sold us out and took it all.
glo in the dark ree - ops: voiz - saga member board
jeez louise.. another ansi from eerie fire.. still alive, although i
have this sucky-o monochrome screen here. tho, its not that bad, prevents me
from being in your lame ass ansi scene.
by the way, this is an original ansi you fucking dork.. not a comic rip!
if i did comic rips id be in your motherfucking top 10 right now!
better not complain, my moms kathleen turner!*/
greets to the guys in integrity who now joined acid.. ahah.. losers :P
smoochy greets to the fire posse and the dto posse.. extra bonus greet to nc.
fuck to all the ansi reviewers.. and to me for using to be an ansi reviewer.
f i r e . . . now all you gotta do is burn!
ps: serial mom rules.