Disco Volante by Fire 12/96
Disco Volante by Fire 12/96
design is suicide - http://www.geocities.com/
a life is bigger than you, you are not me
r.e.m., losing my religion
thanks michael, now on to the priestress of tape hiss hot wax
dj bleed
a packet of vinyl sex on every mix tape!
disco volante - oped by circus freak
- fire member board yo
doodle by eerie-mc of fire graphics - ansi is a dying
art, discjokeying is not!
the following is dedicated to black viper for his long useless
hello, im a
kid in ice im so proud to doodle those ansis do i like pink fl
oyd is my
english horrible post-advertisement rambles. keep up the good job
bv! who
knows, maybe one day well find some interest in reading them!
so, you dig my style, you dont mind my so-called ego you wis
h you had your
own genuine eerie doodle thing. hell, that could happen to anyone,
well, heres the facts. im not in dire need of money nor do i hav
e huge bills
to pay or anything, but i sure am tired as hell to draw ansi, so if
you want
one, youll have to bring some lettuce, not just a little. from
now on, to
everyone who is not a close friend this probably means you, ill
charge half
the legal rate for a graphic artist, which means 5 an hour which
is very
cheap, by the way.
this ansi, following our example, would be worth 10 because its a
dumb 2-hour
job. normal 100-liners like i used to do would be worth around
is that too much? of course it is. after all, youre a kid with n
ot much
money. if you were old, you wouldnt be in this scene at all.
well, aint that tough shit.
oh, almost forgot. i do html vga for free.
tee-hee!!!! eerie-mc aijaa@geocities.com