w00p w00p.. hey dude.. this is just 2 files for renegade.. put em in your
rgmisc dir and.. MAGIC! when you will chat someone, it will display that cute
header and a byebye ansi.. whatever.. try it to see..
umm.. i know the chatinit.ans screen MAY be annoying because of the animation,
so if you want just change it to a still screen using thedraw.
dass all.. dont remove the credits on the anzi or ill have to send young to
umm.. yea..
oh, but if you dont want to use the ansi as a chat screen, man, do what you
want, see if i care..
eErIe sMiTh?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
fRoM rElIsH!?!?/?!?//
aNd aSsId tOo!!!//!/
sPeCiAl gReEt tO hAnNiBaL lEcTeR: ehehehehehehe