written by sensenstahl/2o2o
id like to know the language
of those who shape the clouds
telling all these unknown stories
planting seeds in our heads
i am dreaming
of listening to the trees
whispering fragile poems
older than mankind
i hear the sea
that roar from beneath
promising a cleansing
drowning all the things i hate
and i feel the storm
blinded by the rising sun
that everlasting wonder
dancing in my tears
the crackling fire lays its light
on the trees and bushes nearby
creating silhouettes waiting and
im sitting here feeling the
warm breeze in that cosy
atmopshere while watching the
flames dance, consuming the wood
that is illuminated by shimmering
waves. they flow like a liquid
with every touch of the wind
following an unknown path, trails
of cosmic energy.
i watch the sparks leaving their
warm nest, striving into the
night filled by that longing that
also dwells in my heart. they
leave, free from weight and
doubt, wandering to the sky. but
what about the fireflies that
dance in the distance, too far
for my eyes. are they watching?
are they jealous? what does their
heart say?
the sparks vanish between the
crowns of the trees becoming one
with the shining stars, those
silver pearls on black silk.
i feel the weight leaving my
body, sinking into the ground.
the smell of soil, smoke and
grass is embracing me while
exhaling is relaxing my body more
more and more after every breath.
i close my eyes, imagining how
my cells get lighter and lighter
and start to leave my body, one
by one, shining like the sparks
sent out by the bonfire to be
i hear the leaves, a whispered
farewell, too soft to be clearly
understood. but i know the
meaning that guides me away from
this place.
i open my eyes. i am without any
weight, any connection to the
world i left behind. i rise up to
the stars, higher and higher
until becoming part of this
endless sky.
the stretch
i was quite late due to a lot of
traffic jam on the way. but then
i finally arrived at revision. so
i got out of my car and went into
the hall. surprisingly they had
changed the info desk quite a bit
in its appearance: the counter
was about 2 meters high so
everyone had to lift their arms
to even reach the edge, some also
needed to stretch a bit. on top
of that there was even a huge
popcorn machine standing up there
waiting for customers. this was
kinda odd to see but it
completely made sense: all
visitors felt like small children
who want to buy their favourite
candy. quite the wise choice i
thought. arent we all nursing
our inner child by going to the
big playground called demo party?
so i took the money out of my
wallet to buy a ticket and went
for the the stretch.