AdventureOnMars - A musical journey by
01 - Arrival 1:20
02 - Exploration 5:45
03 - UnderGround 3:12
04 - Discoveries 0:54
05 - Home 1:49
When I tracked those 5 pieces of music back in
1995 on my good old Acorn Risc PC with a tracker
called !Digital Symphony I didnt really know
what to do with it and so they rested 25 years
on my hard drive.
Only now when Sensenstahl asked me about a
contribution for an art pack, those old tracks
came to my mind...and I realized they would make
a nice small cool soundtrack for an Adventure
on Mars :- Enjoy...
Technical Note: As by now no player on PC is
able to support that old tracker format I decided
to export the modules on Risc OS to WAV and
convert to MP3. Also the original modules are
supplied, they are using 4/8 channels with
8 Bit samples log/lin
A big thank you goes to Sensenstahl for drawing
that fabulous CD cover for my EP :- !