. . . 2 7 i n c h p r o d u c t i o n s . . .
ansi artwork by access denied euphoria
shading help by knocturnal +o ispyhumanfly
c 27 inch productions 2004
---- 8 .. cut here ----------------------------------------------------------
well, heres my first official pic release.. hope you like it.
ispy - i know youre overseas right now, hope everythings goin
good for ya, stay safe bro.
thanks go out to knocturnal for the help shading, and avg for
letting me use his 27 logo for my header, i liked it so much in
last pack, i *had* to use it.
.. and to everyone in the scene contributing to keeping it alive,
you all deserve thanks! keepin it lowres is keepin it real.
- access denied 4d
27 inch 2004.