: aug , 2003
27 inch :: n3ws
born 2 be
spear shouts
Well, its finally here. After a couple of months of stupid shit falling into
a couple more, were finally back with a pack. I still blame everything on
Enzo as usual, keeping my squeeky clean image. I hope we didnt lose any fans
out there! Consistent with our shitty luck this month, Smooths network took
a turn for the worse and died. Of course when it died, so did our webpage which
totally sucks donkey balls. On the opposite end of things, Enzo finally upgradedhis two cans and a string to some Brazilian Highspeed, which is basically the
same thing except the string is replaced by some Cat-5e. Please, give him a
round of applause. Anyways, Im done until next time, if you actually read this
far you deserve a gold star. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: -spearhed
enzo yells
Spear cant get his text in a fucking box format... well, he could at least
care about paragraphs, but im sure he doesnt know wtf is it. Hes acting bossy
since he got a job promotion in that resort Tiger Woods would never stay for a
night. We are happy thou, this way he gets money enough to fly over to brazil
and spend all that extra money with hookers, pot and tuna fish cans im addic
ted . Many members were last seen in Bagdahd surroundings and we dont know if
any of em got sniped or raped by those stinking fedayeens, we just wish they
ey come back home showing off their brand new war scars.
Coming from India, nokturnal emission ex-dark, ex-mariner n spears ex-gf joined our whorehouse and he also brought his loverboy from West Germany yes, the cold war is not over...they cheated you Jekyll, that left his M-16 gun at
home. H7 was in a 12 yrs trip in Tibet and returned frustrated for not find ing Brad Pitt there we were affraid to tell that was just a movie, but he got recovered and ready to join the 27 inch ansi orgy-O-rama. Oh, yeah...Somberlain and Retrribution came from South-Africa, after a few sexual experiences with el ephants, to join the 27 endless party.
As a group tradition, each new member has to select a 2nd nick starting wit
J, this time, you will be able to choose shut up, we think this is fun .
: nick options : : new members :
A Juju ? Nokturnal emission
B Janet ? Jekyll
C Jiraya ? Somberlain
D Jaspion ? H7
E Jerry ? Retribution
If you want maytag to be called Juju, send me an email enzo27inch@hotmail. com with A nokturnal as subject. Got it ?! Ok, go vote...
Special thanks goes to Ansichrst gifting us with a wonderful guest piece in
this pack. We love you, mate. You will get a bj by Cameron Diaz asap note: sh
may be busy, in this case quasar will be sent to give you some.
we outiez, lata...
27 inch website: htt://ink.zapto.org/27 :: irc channel: 27 efnet
telnet to: rohan.zapto.org 27 bbs WHQ
Original outline by Roodolph. spe0d by, well, duhh.
More freaks per square inch than a 3 Ring Circus in Alabama