+------------------------------- y 0 l k ---------------------------------+
what is -going- on? hooch is -writing- a y0lk? hooch is -using- dashes!?
yes, all of the above are true. welcome to y0lk number thirty.
-- look at the k-rad new ami/x dividers! -
whasup. yeah, yeah, i havent wrriten a y0lk in a long time, i know. ive
been, well, taking a break? y0lk has been, well, sorta lazy lately. creed and
i havent been putting out issues as quickly as we should - weve had quite a
lot of submissions lately. but i guess all of that comes with the territory-
its not easy being -this- elite.
-- you want a topic? I WILL GIVE YOU A TOPIC! -
ok, id just like to react to all of the zines ive been reading lately.
first off, the last issue of jonas was pretty cool, but i miss jonas.exe. it
was nice being able to pick and choose easily which articles you wanted to
read, and i think the format suited jonas nicely. the articles were pretty
cool, but is it me, or are a lot of the shit in there as immature and stupid
as some of the shit in y0lk? i mean, you read a y0lk, you -expect- to see
stupid shit, like how elite or stupid we are. theres basically no standards
for y0lks. thats why when people say they dont like y0lk, nobody cares. i
dont expect anybody to like y0lk. i mean, basically, its mostly shit. some
of it is funny, though like belials group masturbation one, if you havent
already, go download it, its HILARIOUS. but, anyway, there was a lot of
shit in there that just seemed stupid, which im not used to seeing in jonas.
ah well, its still a pretty rad zine.
another zine ive been reading is pork. pork is pretty cool, its a pretty
different zine from others. misfit the editor is a really good writer,
and although i think hes suited perfectly for y0lk, pork is pretty cool too.
little note: that chick on wings is hot as hell
there have only been three porks, i think, so i cant really comment
extensively about it, but its certainly promising.
dto: well, i cant comment on that too. dto is just -too- proffesional for
my taste. its like 1389479184 lines, and its like stories and stuff. if
i wanted to read stories, id read a book. when i read zines, i want to laugh
about computer-related topics. although i respect dtos writers, it just
doesnt tickle my tushy.
call me crazy.
lastly, theres klunk. klunk is pretty cool, although belial writes almost
all of his shit for y0lk, now, it seems. seems kinda weird, i think it would
be cool if belial wrote strictly for y0lk, hes perfect for this kind of
zine. but, hey, it dont matter. as long as i can read his shit, i dont care
what hes writing it under.
thats about it for my zine reviews, i hope you enjoyed them.
little note: god, that chick from wings is -really- hot. short skirt. woo
-- you want a net? I WILL GIVE YOU A NET! -
hey, you want a good net? join y0lknet. really. its a rad net, and were
getting new nodes every day. we have really cool conversations going, and
we have some -really- cool people posting. y0lknet is only four bases
altough we -may- be expanding to five or six, soon, and that makes it rad.
to join y0lknet, call the y0lk whq at 201-762-1373, or the y0lknet whq at
908-224-8780. werd.
-- you want a net? I WILL GIVE YOU A NET! -
hey, using the -same- header -twice?- thats unheard of. well, thats just
the kind of crazy, -wild- things you will read in y0lks. yeah, i know. take
a deep breath. i can wait.
ok, now thats youve got a handle on things. you know what pisses me off? i
think were talking about it on either speednet, or y0lknet, i cant
remember. anyway, its this. see, mindcrime, hes been running speednet for a
-long- time. and its not really that active, and there arent -that- many
boards in it. why not!? there are -so- many nets out there, and so many that
are just started every day, and you -know- theyre going to die within a
couple weeks, maybe a couple months. heres a little note to you all. DONT
START A NET WHEN YOU START A GROUP. if youre going to start a group, wait a
few months, and if its still alive, and youve gotten pretty big, -CONSIDER-
starting a net.
but if youre looking for a quality net, join something like speednet. its
established, its quality, and you -know- its going to be around for a
while. its really a shame that people havent caught on. speednet and the
likes deserve better.
-- INDEX@!@ -
title author
01 the other white meat creed
02 several k-leet hax0rs sitting around a campfire and groovin creed
03 nuclear weapons, global destruction, op wars. creed
04 a young man, an infant, a yak... all living in sin creed
05 household uses for afghanistanian food creed
06 pour cement down my anus hooch
07 hail santa! creed
08 hasidism and sysops - a pair for the nineties? hooch
09 lunchables rock. creed
10 t-shirts and toejam bedlam
11 nap-time - the dog prank - exclusive interview hooch
12 movie reviews showgirls!@ - win95 vs. os/2 sorta hooch
13 straight outta compton - dialchix - muh dawg!@ hooch
14 im a tall, goofy, dorky, chink phorce
15 bedazzled by the eliteness creed
16 how to blow your nuts out with cornstarch and orangina creed
17 i am a warez pup - who are you? hooch
18 lemmings phorce
19 the science of astrology belial
20 the notorious anticlimactic bastards of the zine scene cd/h0
21 dUcK 54uc3?!!? phorce
22 top 5000 reasons why i should kill myself creed
23 citrus fruits for sale phorce
24 group masturbation belial
25 ethereal experiences for perverted pyromaniacs creed
26 catering for the warez eleet phorce
27 brief mental pause belial
28 the army day camp belial
29 the geek theory, hickies, and another long day creed
30 nets, zines, and that chick from wings hooch
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like it or not. if you are a y0lk member, you have a y0lk member board, et
cetera. woog.
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