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., Last Updated December 1998 ,.
., Opening Words ,.
This file contains gerneal information about the Beyond demo group.
It will be updated periodically, so if the above date seems old, check
for a new version of this file on a Beyond web site, which are listed
in section 4, Contact Information.
., 1 Member List ,.
Armitage Russel Simmons 1978 Coder
Dr. Clone Christopher Richmond 1977 Musician
Fructose Dan Bragiel 1980 Dancer
Freejack Christopher Barton 1975 Musician
Kosh Gerry Swanson 1977 Graphics Artist
Pyromaniac Paul Bragiel 1977 Organizer
., 2 Recent News ,.
Our webpage is now complete. Visit it at http://www.heroin.net/beyond.
We have no new projects to announce, due to the fact that we are
currently pursuing nonspecific developement as well as a possible
commercial undertaking.
., 3 Release List ,.
ARISE.ZIP 1.4 MB 06-08-96 NAID96 Demostration. 4th place.
PROPHET.ZIP 150 KB 01-05-97 Co-op intro with Dark Avenger Tran
CAUSTIC.ZIP 64 KB 02-13-97 Realtime Raytracing intro.
HEROIN1.ZIP 800 KB 12-13-98 Electronic magazine/charts.
., 4 Contact Information ,.
Beyond can be contacted via the internet. Please direct general
concerns to Pyromaniac. Below is a list of contact methods:
Internet Email:
All members info@heroin.net
Armitage resimmon@students.uiuc.edu
Dr. Clone crichmon@students.uiuc.edu
Freejack may be contacted through Pyromaniac
Fructose dbragiel@indiana.edu
Kosh kosh@cloud.com
Pyromaniac bragiel@students.uiuc.edu
World Wide Web:
., 5 Brief History ,.
.Winter 1996.
Pyromaniac decided to hold a small demo party/gathering at his house
named Surreal. It was here that all the future Beyond members were
to first meet. It also presented the first exposure to the demo scene
for Armitage and partially for Kosh.
Pyromaniac then decided to convene weekly Demo discussions at school,
the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Those to first attend
included Pyromaniac, Dr. Clone, Armitage, lb, ErisE, and Freejack, as
well as a few one-timers. Many ideas were discussed and explored in
an attempt toward preparing an entry to NAID - The North American
International Demo Competition to be held during the summer of 1996 in
Montreal, Canada. Kosh also participated in the discussions by
contributing a story board and sending email.
.Spring 1996.
Dr. Clone, Kosh, and Armitage continued to express interest in making
a presentation for NAID. Pyromaniac and Freejack promptly left their
former group, Pure Resistance, to found Beyond. Armitage quickly
developed a 3D library as well as a 3D viewer and editor called TPaint.
As the semester came to a close, the group slowly started to create the
elements from which the eventual demo would be comprised.
.Summer 1996.
Our first Demo, Arise, was presented at NAID. It features many 3D
effects by Armitage, as well as art by Kosh, and music from Freejack.
It was created in less than a week, after we finally began to appreciate
the upcoming competition deadline. The Demo took 4th place - a decent
result that we were happy with, considering that Arise represented a
rushed effort.
Pyromaniac holds the last of his Surreal parties. This one tops them
all with attendance toping 35 people.
.Winter 1996.
Pyromaniac holds the now annual Beyond winter conference at his house.
Guest attendees are Tran and Dark Avenger. Work on the now infamous
in-house project codenamed The Prophet is completed. This also
serves as the going away party for Tran before he leaves for 3DRealms.
February brings the release of our realtime raytracing intro Caustic.
It was created within a week period and features code by Armitage,
music by Freejack, and art by Sky and Pyromaniac. It was released at
the General Probe III demo party in support of our Polish scene friends.
.Summer 1997.
Beyond appears at E3 for the first time. This game industry show is
simply what video games is all about, and should be attended by all
demo scene fanatics. We share a hotel room with our buddies at DDD
and 3DRealms. Chaos indeed!
.Winter 1997.
Beyond winter conference takes place again. No productions are completed
but projects are discussed, which includes our e-mag Heroin.
.Summer 1998.
Beyond appears at E3 for the second time. This time Pyromaniac organizes
for 15+ demo sceners to stay at the same hotel, as well as the 40+ demo
sceners in attendance to get together and hit the Atlanta club scene.
Former and current demo groups in attendance you might recognize include
Complex, DDD, Dust, Fascination, Five Musicians, Future Crew, Guild, Ice,
Iguana, Renaissance, Silents, TBL, TDT, and Ultraforce.
.Fall 1998.
Freejack drops out of the University of Illinois to persue studies in
Entomology insects on the island of Aruba, which is off the coast of
Venezuela. The lack of a stable internet connection prevents the upload
of his music disk tenatively called reduviidae.
.Winter 1998.
Heroin issue 1 is released. Plans for the Beyond winter conference are
in the final stages.
., 6 Special Thanks ,.
We would like to send out a special thank you to Haji for making us
those wonderful asciis that you see.
., 7 Greetings ,.
Beyond would like to collectively send our utmost greetings to the
following groups:
Acme, Bomb, Calodox, Cammora, Complex, Chrome, Class, CSR, Deus, DDD,
Dust, Exceed, FC, FM, Hugi, Hipnotica, Hyperopia, Iguana, Imphobia,
Jamm, Majic 12, Matrix, MFX, Night55, Nooon, Pulse, Renaissance,
S!P, Silents, Septic, Suspend, TBL, TPOLM, TRSi, Xography.
We would like to send out greetings to these game industry companies:
3DRealms, Digital Illusions, Epic, Guild, H2O, Leryx Longsoft, Monolith,
Neo, Orange Games, Polygon, Pyro, Remedy, Shiny, UDS, Witan
Our extended family is:
Aap, Arjan Brusse, Angelday, Andude, Atom, Atx, Breester, Civax, Cyber,
Dan Wright, Dark Avenger, D-Lee, Darkness, Dascon, Derpunkt, Descolada,
Enok, Fysx, Gore, Gravel, Humanoid, Hornet, Imode, Incarnate, Jamon,
Java, Kuroi Neko, Louie, Made, Nero, Optic, ParticleX, Rappid,
Raybondo, Reward, Rodney, Sky, Snake Grunger, Stone, Straka,
Thor, Tran, Troll, TS, Yitzhaq, Unreal, Xef4, and Xerxes.