flickers : FUCK! I re-wrote the whole panning routines all in ASM and did all
the loops with registers and it still flickers. i put the vsync
routine IN the fucking loop so no calls were needed, put the preset
row scan routine in the loop, and it still flickers so fuck it.
if Midas being used
quickie : the music was made by a friend of Pengos named Fizban who is part
of his old group he formed while at college in Utah. SCRUB
So Pengo contributed something to this group after all.
The Bog is a VERY big mod...if you dont have LOTS of conventional
memory available or a Gravis, then dont try playing the music.
I loaded some TSRs, and had my free DOS ram down to 230k and the
program still ran but then I have a GUS so fuck you SB owning lamers.
*Alt-1 : the magazine you can read on the shitter *-
if u have a lapt0p
L i T H i U M
- Alt-1 Members List -
Natas Articles, Poetry, Editor, Coding, ANSi GFX, Disitribution, Organizing
Opi Poetry
Nomad Articles, Poetry
Gold One Stories, Poetry
Grimace Poetry
Big Bob Articles
- LiTHiUM Member List -
Natas Coding, ANSi GFX, Distribution, Organizing, Bad Musician
Big Bob Coding
Nomad Stuff
Jesus MIA VGA GFX, VGA Coding/3d Shit
Pengo Steals stuff from me, yuppie.
Guest Writers for LiTHiUM / Alt-1 :::
Eva Stoner ex-gf of Natas
Sarah Maurer cur. gf of Natas
People who might be in LiTHiUM but Im not saying :::
Mustang is still bad but hasnt been taken away
The Exxonerator
Someone was taken away for being bad
Ned uses weasels as a metaphor for his sexual frustration.
Ironhead wasnt taken away just moved
Ry owes me 40
We did it. We killed JKF. We buried Hoffa so fucking deep theyll never find
him. We killed Elvis. I personally planted the bomb that took down Buddy Holly
and his merry fellows. I did it. I answered the suicide hotline when Kobain
called, I said Go ahead you sellout fuck, just die and get it over with. Nobody
fucking cares anyways.. My alias used to be Judas about 2000 years ago. I
killed OJs wife. I enjoyed it too. I set him up. I framed Roger Rabbit, it
was me. I told Hal not to open the pod bay doors. And Im not even sorry. No,
it wasnt the butler--it was me. I killed him too to make it look good. You
might see me on a grassy knole somewhere. I like them. I dropped the bomb, I
did it, it was me. Fuck you. Everything is fucked and Im starting to get
used to it.
Greets and shit like anyone fucking cares :
Sahara Surfers - u rule. Midas is awesome. I wish it was a little smaller
but it is so cool anyways. it rules. did i mention it rules?
well, in case i forgot it rules. release a demo or something
ECR - you are not as cool as Acme or Surprise! but nonetheless you are cool.
Zwerg Zwack is cool. T-Bone has too much spare time. Chicken is
cool. Make HSCtracker load SAT files or some shit or make it cooler
or whatever. Figure out how to unpack fucking compressed sat files
...or something.
Acme - you are cool. when will you release polyplayer to the public? It looks
very neat. polytracker polyplayer whatever. Lone Ranger is cool.
Anyone who cares I have C++ code for using acmes satplay...